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As we arrived to the end of the season, (and as I saw that my first attempt was quite successful) it's time to ask some questions about the title fights :)

1. How many times it happened before this year, that the WDC and the WCC titles were won by different teams in a season?

2. How many times it happened in the last 20 years (from 1990 to 2009) that the new world champion driver couldn't celebrate on the podium on the race where he won the title?
5 times.
1990: Senna retired in Suzuka;
1994: Schumacher retired in Adelaide;
2003: Schumacher 8th in Suzuka;
2008: Hamilton 5th in Interlagos;
2009: Button 5th in Interlagos

3. In the sport's history there were 72 races, where before the weekend the WDC title was already decided. And there were 88 races when we already had the year's WCC. But how many races occured where both the titles were decided already? +-2 is acceptable.

4. In which track the drivers title had been decided the most times?
11 times in Monza. But the last was in 1979. I think some of you said Suzuka, it's 2nd with 10.

5. In 2007 in which race was Ferrari crowned world champion?
Belgian Grand Prix. Yes, I guess it was a bit tricky because of the exclusion of McLaren, and after it noone really cared about the WCC. The WMSC decision came out between Monza and Spa, but in Spa BMW still had chance mathematically for the title. They lost it there, so Ferrari could have celebrate.

6. There's only one season when still 3 constructors had chance to win the title on the last race. Which year is that?
Yes, the famous 1982. Ferrari, McLaren and Reanult.

7. Name the only two seasons where neither team could achieve one-two victory in the whole year. The WDC and the WCC were the same in both times.
1975 and 1977

8. This year we had (at least) 5 different drivers who led the championship, and it never happened before. But since 1987 it happened only once, that there were 4 champ leaders. Which year is that?
2008: Raikkonen, Hamilton, Massa, Kubica

9. It seems we don't have a new race winner driver in 2010. But how many times the same happened in the last decade, and in which year(s)?
two times, in 2002 and in 2005

10. This year we have 19 races, the same amount than in 2005. How many circuits were in the 2005 calendar which are not included in this year's schedule? Name all of them if you want any points, because it's not too difficult here at the end. :)
4: Imola, Indianapolis, Magny-Cours, Nürburgring
7 correct questions,

cannot belive i got Q3 right, that was like playing darts and aiming for the bulleye with a blindfold on. and i got it! *does victory celbration*
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