The British Election Quiz


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I've done some quizzes on some abstract non-F1 related premises before but I have to say this would actually physically take the biscuit! So please vote carefully!

1. Everytime Williams won either World Championship, the year started with a Conservative government. Which driver won the last Grand Prix before Labour's 1997 election victory?

Heinz-Harald Frentzen for Williams

2. Which Party holds the seat in which Silverstone is situated?


3. The last orange car to finish an F1 race had little chance of winning! (Although I see the Lib Dems gaining in popularity) Where did Sakon Yamamoto finish in the 2007 Chinese GP?

17th and last

4. The UK Community Issues Party finished last in the 2005 general election with only 502 votes! Which team was the last finisher in the Spanish Grand Prix three days later?


5. A long wait since 1979 for the Reds to be 1st again? How many WCCs did the Scuderia win after 1980 and before Blair's election?

2 - in 1982/83

6. Who won most races in the Thatcher era?


7. Who became Prime Minister after the first General Election since the establishment of the World Championship?

Sir Winston "oh yes" Churchill in 1951

8. The Green Party have historically been small and unsuccessful. What is Heikki Kovalainen's best qualifying position in 2010 so far?


9. European Union? Of the 89 Grand Prix between the 2004 European Election and the 2009 European Election, what percentage were won by an EU driver? (EU as of 24/4/10)

80.8%. Points - 1/2 for between 70-77, 83-90. 1 for 77-83. Exactly 83 or 77 get 3/4!

10. There were two elections in 1974. Who led the Championship, won by Fittipaldi, before the first in February?

Clay Regazzoni

That seemed like a good idea at the time!
A very poor 2 for me although the answer button on Q6 doesn't work TBY so it may be 3...
Whisper it quietly... I got a grand total of one!

Election quizzes were never my strong point, anyway... :unsure:

.. some might say that quizzes were never my strong point, but that's just mean!
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