The Alonso or Massa Quiz


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In the spirit of the Vettel or Webber quiz, the answers to all ten questions are either 'Alonso' or 'Massa'. Good luck!

Yes, I tricked you all by having 'both' as the right answer to Q10 last time.

I might do that again, but, if you say 'both' and get it wrong, you score minus 10 points :p

1. "Fernando is faster than you". Who led lap 50 of the 2010 German Grand Prix, Alonso or Massa?
Alonso. The pass happened on lap 49.

2. Just 6 days after that in Hungary, who was faster in qualifying?
Alonso in 3rd. Massa was 4th.

3. Who is older, Alonso or Massa?
Massa. Both are 32, but Massa is 3 months older.

4. Neither of them spent much time in the junior formulae, but which one had the higher wins to starts ratio?
Massa. He won an astonishing 16 out of 35 starts (46%). Alonso 'only' won 7 out of 24 (29%)

5. Who qualified ahead in the first F1 race that they both competed in, Alonso or Massa?
Alonso. He made his debut in 2001 but was a test driver in 2002 when Felipe had a drive. Alonso returned in 2003 but Massa was himself relegated after 1 year so they didn't compete against each other until Australia 2004 by which time Alonso was established in a front-running Renault.

6. He finished on the podium 10 times in 2007.
Massa. Alonso had 12 podiums that year.

7. Singapore 2008 was a pivotal race for both of them. Massa started from pole but Alonso won, but who led the most laps?
Alonso led the last 28 laps.

Massa led the first 17 but had a bit of a problem with his fuel hose...

8. Massa's accident happened in Hungary in 2009. Who had the more recent victory on that day, Massa or Alonso?
Massa. Won in Brazil, the last race of 2008. Alonso's was 2 races before

9. The next time Massa raced, he had Alonso as his team mate. Who won the battle in qualifying?
Massa. Alonso won the most boring race in history, (the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix) when Vettel's engine started playing up, but Massa qualified ahead, P2 on the grid.

10. He has the coolest race engineer.
Massa. No contest.
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