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Frustrating. Interesting. Tyres and DRS dominating everything going on as usual. Stewards seemed to be all at sea this weekend and probably more confused than the punters. I kind of enjoyed but sort of didn't. It couldn't have been all bad as I didn't fall asleep or feel the need to break off for a coffee. Will think about it for a while before I vote ...
I thought that this was the most meh race of the season for me. There was a lot of changing positions, but I am not sure that there was enough guesswork about any of the results to keep things a bit more interesting.

Crushing drive from Seb though, and some humour on the radio at the end, but I am tossing up either a 5 or 6. Hmmmm
Decent race if you ignore Seb who seems to be in orbit.

Shame mark had his normal start. But nice to see Nico on the podium. RoGro up there again in 4th despite not having been paid for his services.

The race was really ruined by the Force Indias one stopping. Sutil holding Hammy up by 1.5 seconds a lap and with the merc unable to pass even with DRS assistance. AGAIN. What are they doing, why are they fitting short 7th gears. do they really expect to be in 1st at the end of the first lap. DiResta holding Nico up again allowed Webber to close and pass Nico. Good result for FI shame they ruined the Mercs race.

Mercs pulling 11 points clear of Ferrari with 2 races to go. But also Hamilton just 8 points behind Kimi now for 3rd in the WDC.

Can't believe Sutil got away with keeping his position by cutting the corner. That is the major shocker for me. Clear rule breaking. If there had been sand there he wouldn't of even finished the race.

Good race overall I would say a 7.5 but -0.5 for yet another easy win for Seb.
Why shouldn't Force India do a one stop strategy if it will bring them the best result possible?

If Mercedes used longer gears it could well result in slightly slower qualifying but I would argue that it would for the race since they would stand a better chance of getting past the cars using a strategy which gives them a one stop advantage. As a bonus it might even keep their drivers enthused, being stuck behind a slower lapping car is very frustrating.

But I'm sure that they can justify their strategy. They must know more than us.
I thought it was better than India but I was far too kind to India. Same old problems with drivers being told to back off, Vettel being in a class of one etc. etc. There were some battles though so 6.
3. As soon as the cars went through the 1st corner that sinking feeling set in straight away. All the races have felt very much the same since Hungary. :bawl:
5 It was dull as a race made interesting by some strange marshal decisions, and Massa nearly being a racing driver.
What MCLS said- I turned it off around lap 30. I've never done that before, not even during the "Red Tide" of 2002 & 2004. I just can't bear it anymore- hearing engineers telling the drivers to drop back and preserve tyres/cool the car, while the exalted one romps off into the sunset is simply not entertaining, and I suspect even the most die-hard Vettel fan would find the current spectacle pretty unedifying...

...or perhaps not, I suppose.

Don't worry, I won't slam the door on my way out!
The only way to describe F1 at the moment is that it's like Vettel is playing the computer game version on easy mode.

Strange, that exact thought entered my head earlier. Great minds, eh? :)

I also turned it off about 25-30 laps in - I can't even remember, it was that forgettable!
Well .. if they are going to have paying customers next year, lets hope that race 1 0f 2014 isn't a repeat of this year. Or if they do, the sport is dead.
I am impressed someone ( yes I know it's you gethinceri!) can rate that up with Hamilton winning the WDC in 2008, Hill 1996, Senna/Prost battles etc. etc. I wish I was so easily pleased!
I score every race a 10 (with one notable exception) because I truly love F1, I am happy to watch a scrap for twelfth if the leader is not in sight and sometimes watching a driver eke out a lead or gradually close a gap to the car in front just by looking at lap times is sufficient.
I am not being asked to compare different races, just to score each one. I don't recall the internet existing while Senna and Prost were battling but I was able to watch them on television and at the circuit, did every race they drove warrant a 10 score? Yes. Was every race they drove the same as all the others? No.
This is a light-hearted series of threads to which I am happy to contribute, if you'd prefer that I didn't then just tell me.
I am not claiming to be the arbiter of quality in F1 and I suggest that very few are. Are you, rufus_mcdufus?
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