The 2010 season


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This year, #2 drivers were generally on top.

The drivers who beat their team-mates on points most were:

1. Kubica
2. Kobayashi
3. Sutil


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Finally, Martin Whitmarsh has admitted McLaren dropped the ball with the development of the MP4-26. Admitting they made mistakes and most importantly he said:

"Maybe we were not as racy in our interpretation of front wing heights as others, and that had notable effects. I was surprised by some of those things, but at the end of the day I am not complaining about what anyone else did. If the opportunity was there, you have to try and do it yourself."

McLaren for reasons known only to themselves failed to spot and develop the flexible front wing, ultimately dooming their Championship hopes. Perhaps now their team chief has acknowledged their mistakes publicly they can learn from them and produce a car that has more than just the one gimmick.


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Is Flab still going on.. I thought maybe he would do the dignified thing and go do one, but obviously I underestimated the amount of lubricant he uses..


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Anyone got any idea when HRT will be revealing their car to the waiting world? Can only find tentative dates online and no official statement on a launch date.

All the other launch dates have been verified and placed on the calendar.

So far, only Mclaren, Force India and Virgin will not have new cars for the first of the pre-season tests in Valencia on the 1st of Feb.
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