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I did a similar thread for the 2009 season and it was a resounding success so I thought I'd repeat it for this year.
OK, who am I kidding, it fell flat on its face :D

Still, you can't keep a good thread down so this is a general thread for discussion of all goings on in the 2010 season that don't quite justify a thread of their own.

Let's start it off with a collection of useful links and information for the 2010 Formula One season.

Standings & Results
F1 2010 Standings & Results
F1 2010 Head To Head
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RaceGrand PrixCircuitLocationLapsDateLocal TimeGMT Time
1BahrainBahrain International CircuitSakhir4914 March15:0012:00
2AustralianMelbourne Grand Prix Circuit (Albert Park)Melbourne5828 March17:0007:00
3MalaysianSepang International CircuitKuala Lumpur564 April16:0009:00
4ChineseShanghai International CircuitShanghai5618 April15:0008:00
5SpanishCircuit de CatalunyaBarcelona669 May14:0013:00
6MonacoCircuit de MonacoMonte Carlo7816 May14:0013:00
7TurkishIstanbul ParkIstanbul5830 May15:0013:00
8CanadianCircuit Gilles-VilleneuveMontréal7013 June12:0017:00
9EuropeanValencia Street CircuitValencia5727 June14:0013:00
10BritishSilverstone CircuitSilverstone5211 July13:0013:00
11GermanHockenheimringHockenheim6725 July14:0013:00
12HungarianHungaroringMogyoród701 August14:0013:00
13BelgianCircuit de Spa-FrancorchampsSpa4429 August14:0013:00
14ItalianAutodromo Nazionale MonzaMonza5312 September14:0013:00
15SingaporeMarina Bay Street CircuitSingapore6126 September20:0013:00
16JapaneseSuzuka International Racing CourseSuzuka5310 October15:0007:00
17KoreanKorean International CircuitYeongam County5524 October15:0007:00
18BrazilianAutódromo José Carlos Pace (Interlagos)São Paulo717 November14:0016:00
19Abu DhabiYas Marina CircuitYas Island5514 November17:0013:00

Teams & Drivers
Vodafone McLaren-MercedesMcLarenMP4-25Mercedes FO108X1Jenson ButtonBritish
Vodafone McLaren-MercedesMcLarenMP4-25Mercedes FO108X2Lewis HamiltonBritish
Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One TeamMercedesMGP W01Mercedes FO108X3Michael SchumacherGerman
Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One TeamMercedesMGP W01Mercedes FO108X4Nico RosbergGerman
Red Bull RacingRed BullRB6Renault RS27-20105Sebastian VettelGerman
Red Bull RacingRed BullRB6Renault RS27-20106Mark WebberAustralian
Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrariF10Ferrari 0567Felipe MassaBrazilian
Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrariF10Ferrari 0568Fernando AlonsoSpanish
AT&T WilliamsWilliamsFW32Cosworth CA20109Rubens BarrichelloBrazilian
AT&T WilliamsWilliamsFW32Cosworth CA201010Nico HülkenbergGerman
Renault F1 TeamRenaultR30Renault RS27-201011Robert KubicaPolish
Renault F1 TeamRenaultR30Renault RS27-201012Vitaly PetrovRussian
Force India F1 TeamForce IndiaVJM03Mercedes FO108X14Adrian SutilGerman
Force India F1 TeamForce IndiaVJM03Mercedes FO108X15Vitantonio LiuzziItalian
Scuderia Toro RossoToro RossoSTR5Ferrari 05616Sébastien BuemiSwiss
Scuderia Toro RossoToro RossoSTR5Ferrari 05617Jaime AlguersuariSpanish
Lotus RacingLotusT127Cosworth CA201018Jarno TrulliItalian
Lotus RacingLotusT127Cosworth CA201019Heikki KovalainenFinnish
Hispania Racing F1 TeamHRTF110Cosworth CA201020Karun ChandhokIndian
Hispania Racing F1 TeamHRTF110Cosworth CA201020/21Sakon YamamotoJapanese
Hispania Racing F1 TeamHRTF110Cosworth CA201020Christian KlienAustrian
Hispania Racing F1 TeamHRTF110Cosworth CA201021Bruno SennaBrazilian
BMW Sauber F1 TeamBMW SauberC29Ferrari 05622Pedro de la RosaSpanish
BMW Sauber F1 TeamBMW SauberC29Ferrari 05622Nick HeidfeldGerman
BMW Sauber F1 TeamBMW SauberC29Ferrari 05623Kamui KobayashiGerman
Virgin RacingVirginVR-01Cosworth CA201024Timo GlockJapanese
Virgin RacingVirginVR-01Cosworth CA201025Lucas di GrassiGerman

For reference I'll also link to the standings and head to head charts so we can see how things develop over the season.
To view the charts please visit the following threads.

F1 2010 Standings & Results
F1 2010 Head To Head
If Lotus F1 Racing are to have as good a debut season as Team Lotus then they need to beat 3 points which is what Lotus scored throughout the 1958 season thanks to a 4th place in Monaco by Cliff Alison. From then on they have just 3 years to win their first race and 5 to win the title.

Tall order I think. :D
cider_and_toast said:
If Lotus F1 Racing are to have as good a debut season as Team Lotus then they need to beat 3 points which is what Lotus scored throughout the 1958 season thanks to a 4th place in Monaco by Cliff Alison. From then on they have just 3 years to win their first race and 5 to win the title.

Tall order I think. :D

Well, we know that Lotus have two drivers who are generally good at outperforming their cars...

Meanwhile Virgin F1 have to get a 9th place to match the best result of Simtek!
Haha, I guess that means Lotus F1 have to score a whopping twelve points this year then to equal their best ;)

Nice stats Brogon, cheers
Lotus F1 have to score a whopping twelve points this year then to equal their best ;)

Actually that's a good point MD, I never thought to take the points adjustment into consideration.

Thus, as you say, to equal the original Lotus debut season, Lotus F1 racing need 12 points.

Even more unlikely I think.

(but it would be great if the could, but then I have a slight bias towards them if you hadn't guessed)
But would it take away from the legend of CC for this bunch of Malaysians to equal their first season in 1958?

Anyway, Lotus in 1958 got 3 sixths, a seventh and two tenths that would have scored points in 2010! So that's a lot more points than Protus are going to get this year!
Again, another good point.

All bet's are off with this new scoring system. It will certainly screw up the record books when people look back and try to figure things out.
Then again Galahad managed to do it for the Fantasy League scores.

Although, as I recall Galahad made a mistake on the first attempt, so that does imply it is difficult. Even for Galahad!


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Normal service has been resumed it would seem with Ferrari and McLaren topping both the drivers' and constructors' standings.

Still plenty of time for the others to catch up and Red Bull really need to work on their reliability if they want to be in with a chance of winning their first championship this season.
Seeing the pitlane speed limit reduced in Austalia and once again seeing one or two drivers compromised by the effects of the "releasing zone" is their a case now for the teams to be given the pit lane boxes in the opposite order to the present ones.

The 55 meter zone was reduced for Australia as a result of the lower speed limit but I think that will perhaps only be the case at Monaco as well. At all the other GP I imagine it will be kept at 55 meters.

This would have the effect of putting the current world constructors champions in pit box 1 meaning that they would spend the least time being effected by passing cars. In the present system if a group of cars pit at the same time and you have the last pit box the cars behind you will be in your 55 meter zone before you get out of your box. With my idea if three cars pit at once and you are infront of the three and the WCC you would pull into your box the other cars would then pass you and you would then be released into their 55 meter zone rather than the other way round.
Yes, anyone who is at the end of the pit lane will be at a huge disadvantage.

Once the train of cars starts to leave the pits they might as well put the kettle on and make themselves comfortable.
Can't Mercedes do what Schumacher was doing all race anyway, and heading forward rather than out into the pitlane, hence not impeding anyone.

Does the WCC choose which end of the pitlane it numbers from? As I remember, Brawn were at that end of the pits as last in 2009...
teabagyokel said:
Can't Mercedes do what Schumacher was doing all race anyway, and heading forward rather than out into the pitlane, hence not impeding anyone.

Nice observation. I noticed him doing it but didn't understand why. I wonder if that might at some point lead to him short-cutting the timing zone though? Also, he can't be released (whatever line he takes) if another car is in the 55m (or whatever) zone, regardless of what line he takes.
Couple of points here..

The release zone was not shortened because of the reduced pit speed limit, it was reduced due to the garages being that much closer together and subsequently probably the reason behind the reduced speed limit. I believe in Barhain the garages were spaced at 24m apart where as in Australia they are just 14m apart. (happy to be corrected on those figures)

Just to put that in perspective the average total time in the pit area, approx & not counting anything above 30sec's (which is more than just a tyre stop generally)
Bahrain 24.204 (quickest 22.260 - vettel)
Australia 26.355 (quickest 23.986 - webber) the av includes a few 29's one being webbers last stop to change front wing.

Make of that what you will :D
Yes Aus was a longer stop but that will vary from race to race anyway dependant on pit lane length, entry & exit configuration and speed limit. I guess the bigger question was having reduced the speed limit did it negate a strategy other than a 1 stop. Given the track conditions it was dificult to say as the slower pace was helpng to preserve tyres but given the pace of Hamilton after his second stop, and lets say Alonso / Massa / Kubica not have been in the way i think he would have caught Button towards the end of the race but pass... no. I do believe if it wasn't for webbers nerfing he would have passed Alonso and Massa to up back where he started behind Kubica.

Second point is "the zone" acts as a guide only to the teams and not a mandatory requirement they stick to it, it still resides with the teams to ensure a safe release. You can bet the Stewards will be using those guides for anything untoward though. That would also apply to Schui taking the straight forward approach out of the box, am i right in saying that cars cannot be side by side down the pitlane?
Why would he take a straight forward aproach out... simple, shortest, straightest & quickest route from A to B.

I thought the WCC could chose which end of the pitlane they wanted at each race, not to sure though.
My thought on this is about the new graphics which show the time stationary along with the total pit lane time. I don't know how they could do this (but I'm sure they could have sensors at a sensible place before a driver changes his line to enter the pits) but I think that's pretty useless unless it's compared to the driver's (maybe average over the last x laps) time from that point over the start-finish line and on to the pit lane exit, so that we can see how much time that driver lost compared to a normal lap, and also compared to what other drivers lost. That figure should tally with sector times to show where a driver made up or lost time during his pit stop.
Autosport reports that outboard mirrors will be banned, from the Chinese GP onwards.

Outboard mirrors are to be banned from Formula 1 with effect from the Chinese Grand Prix in two weeks' time

Does this mean that the aero devices will be removed as well?

Won't there be a significant alteration to the monocoque in a crucial area requiring a new crash test?

:thinking: I'm thinking this is an April fool. :givemestrength: :givemestrength:
I guess the date has something to do with it.

As far as I am aware, unless they rewrite the reg's they can't just ban mirrors.
Especially as the tub is now homologated.

As George Bush once said: "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — [pauses] - shame on you. Fool me — You can't get fooled again."
That is what he said isn't it... :chuffed: I have to say, having him elected President of the United States did wonders for my self esteem but little for my faith in human nature. :disappointed: April the 1st has the same sort of effect on me, I don't really like it... it makes me sad and elated at the same time. :rolleyes: LOL :crazy:

Mein Gott im Himmel!!! The roll eyes is working! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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