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Continuing my occasional quiz postings here's one on the 1981 season. Hope you enjoy.

1. Ligier used 4 drivers in 1981 Jacques Laffite drove for the full season with Jean Pierre Jabouille originally listed as the 2nd driver. Jabouille started the season late and then retired from F1 due to leg injuries sustained in a crash in Canada in 1980. Name the other two drivers who drove for Ligier that year (half point for each)?

Jean-Pierre Jarier & Patrick Tambay

2. The Spanish Grand Prix of 1981 was won by Gilles Villeneuve. What time covered the first 5 finishers? (half a point if you get within 1 second)

1.24 seconds

3. A non-championship race took place in 1981 as a result of the FISA-FOCA battle. Who won it?

Carlos Reutemann in South Africa

4. A famous name attempted to qualify an Arrows for two Grands Prix in 1981, who was it?

Jacques Villeneuve – brother of Gilles and uncle to the 1997 WDC

5. Gilles Villeneuve was disqualified from the Las Vegas Grand Prix, why?

Incorrectly lining up on the grid

6. Nelson Piquet was World Champion in 1981. What position did he finish in the last race of the season to secure the title?


7. Belgium has one of the most challenging and spectacular Grand Prix circuits in Spa Francochamps but this circuit wasn’t used in 1981. Where was the Grand Prix held?


8. What was historic about Gilles Villeneuve’s pole position at the San Marino Grand Prix?

The first for a turbo charged Ferrari in the modern era

9. Toleman stepped up to F1 in 1981 after winning the 1980 British F2 Championship. What was special about the Las Vegas race?

Derek Warwick qualified a Toleman car for the first time after 11 attempts.

10. A famous name in the world of F1 returned to racing in 1981, name them.

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