Team Manager 2014

Which combination would you go for?

  • Paul di Resta, but to cover his wages you need Sergio Perez in the other car.

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So, we've done who's the best of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton. We've done Webber, Raikkonen and Button. Let's have a go at something more interesting...!

Your finance manager has just presented these options to you as to what driver you have to select. You are the team principal of a mid-range team. Maybe Sauber, Williams or Force India. Go wild. Which way does your team go?

You have 6 choices.
Was tempted with Vergne and Massa... but decided on Grosjean and Pic. One potential top driver and Pic, who didn't do too badly against Glock.

Good thread with some tough choices!
Wrestling with this one and I need more information! The two No.s I'd go for are paired up with chaps I wouldn't have in my team for anything other than laughs. They also happen to be a bit over the 65kilo's ideal weight. Add to that RasputinLives reckons one of them is too old. So I'm stuck. Right now Le Mans is my only way out or retirement from the whole shebang! Give me the lightest pairing and I'll vote for them. :dunno:
Fenderman I didn't say he was too old just pointed out another championship would mean he was statistically bucking a trend.

I've gone for JEV and Massa with my thinking being that Massa has driven enough good and bad cars to know the difference even if he can't get the best out of them plus JEV has the potential to be a winning combination with winning machinary.

Nearly went for Grosjean and Pic as I think both are better than rated but thought I needed more experience for set up.

By the way teabagyokel if I got Massa do I get Smedley with him?
Thread's a nice idea teabagyokel but possibly somewhat optimistic about our abilities to make a good go of the choices. Seeing as how my nom de plume is plastered all over the place I guess I have a responsibility to give it a proper go. Whilst, I cannot leave humour to one side I will endeavour to justify my exclusions.

1. Max Chilton - anyone who has such a pitiful record in lower formulae and feeder classes should not be in F1 - at the very least not yet.
2. Romain Grosjean - Not having the fastest car available to ensure that he consistently gets onto the front row means that he will not make my team. His improved form is temporary since his lack of spatial awareness is an intractable problem that will seriously harm my budget the minute he is in a heavy traffic situation.
3/4. Paul Di Resta - thinks he is the bees knees and will complain about the car without giving my engineers a clue about what is actually happening when he is in it. Sergio Perez - has calmed down his aggression but now he is painfully slow. A crap pairing if ever there was one.
5. Sakon Yamamoto - anyone who has such a pitifully worse record than Max Chilton in lower formulae and feeder classes should not be in F1 .
6. Pastor Maldonado - We can't afford a crash magnet. Sure he has calmed it down a bit but that propensity to succumb to the red mist is merely dormant. He is a missile waiting to be launched and like Perez if he isn't armed and locked on target he is too slow.

That leaves me with 'Nando on his own in a one car team or JEV and Flippy. 'Nando says he can brig me 6 tenths and as I'm running Sauber (did I mention that?) perhaps that's the way to go. Sakon can hang out in the garage so long as he doesn't touch anything - especially the car. Meanwhile I'll trade in car two for scrap to a disgruntled engineer from Ferrari who has promised to sneak some year old spare parts for 'Nando's bucket of poo. Then, if the TBY threatens take us to the teabagyokel IT and throw us out of the championship, I'll accept JEV and Flippy on the condition that I don't have to part with $50m but will accept nil WCC points and won't let either of my pilots win the WDC (safe bet that one).

Rootersport Breaking News: Fenderman-Sauber F1 Team under investigation for breaking entry rules 8-)
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Vergne and Massa ... I want to keep Rob Smedley employed ... "go on... get after him son" ...

Massa ... still has it in my opinion ... he can race without the #2 worries ...
Vergne ... I think closer to the RBR seat than many may have thought (maybe we will find out in a few years) ... will be able to benefit from learning from an experienced pair of hands like Massa ...
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