Formula One's most underrated driver (who wasn't a World Champion)


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He's not had the chance to show his abilities but George Russell looks to be a good bet as underrated driver currently


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Why has not anyone mentioned Jo's Verstappen in here? I was thinking there was a lot of fan fare made that it took him 54 races into F1. He got promoted because Lehto got injured. Debatable or not he was 2 seconds slower than Schumacher.

Driving for both Arrows and Simtek he displayed under dog performance but then drives at Tyrell and Stewart against Salo and Barrichello did not enhance his career . Then again at Arrows before being controversially by sacked and then at Minardi meant he achieved little.

I will say being Schumacher's teammate he probably has taught Max to forget team play if you have to screw your teammate so be it to be No 1


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Yes, Jos The Boss was actually rather more like the janitor.
I don't mean Penry the Janitor.
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