Standings charts mouseover not working

Nope FF 4 here, it says to mouse over but a) that doesn't seem to do anything and b) wouldn't fit on my screen anyway
I've just checked and you're right, it no longer works >:(

Not much I can do unfortunately, it's a browser related issue and only Google or Firefox can fix it.

Of course they all work perfectly in Google Chrome.

Naturally Google isn't that bothered about getting its software to work in other browsers so when I have time, I'll have to look for an alternative solution.

What do you mean it doesn't fit on the screen?
Ahh cool

I presume that if I wanted to see Seb's points I'd have to mouse over his name and to do that I'd have the table at the top and the graph out of sight down the bottom of my screen.
Oh right, no, the mouseover only works on the charts and just shows you the points total after each GP.

It's very disappointing that Google seem to be deliberately making their code not work in FF and IE, for very obvious reasons.

It just means more work as I will need to find some new code which produces tables and charts, then integrate it all into the site again, as well as update all the templates and code :rolleyes:

If you get the chance, install Google Chrome and you'll see it in action.
This is what you should see Spesh.

Is it just me or do neither of the graphs in the thread display anything?
I was checking the status of the charts in all the major browsers and it looks like Google have updated the code so it now works with Firefox and IE.
I've therefore edited the pages to remove the IE block.

I only checked with FF 7 and IE 9 though, so they still may not work with older versions.

What I also discovered is you can click the lines to emphasise an individual point, or click the square colours next to a driver name to highlight the whole line, click again to emphasise the points.
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