Caption Competition Spot the Dictator


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Not a caption but who had the balls to tell the President of the Soviet Union Russian Federation that he had to wear a pass to get in ??
BE : So he allowed me to stick my thumb where the sun doesn't shine and that is why he is a 4 times world champion...
Putin : Let me get this straight, the whole world believes that this is a race and fair, but you actually control the results based upon sexual favours and how you feel that day? You are my hero, teach me more!!!
Putin thinks; “Wish I was popular in world like Bernie. He get pocket to put pass in. I aspire to get pocket for pass”.

A sudden idea comes to him.

“Do I buy pocket in F1 car-boot sell?”; he asked Bernie.

Giving a thumbs up, Bernie replied; “It’s car-boot SALE, but yeah, give it a try.”

Putin smiled. It’s the small things that please dictators that have it all anyway
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