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My 1st time doing a quiz for CTA, im more used to answering them than compiling them hopefully its not too easy or too hard. Although writing the bits for the spoilers much tougher than I expected

What is the name of the only woman to finish in the pts with 6th in the shortened 1975 race
Leila Lombardi

Whose final F1 victory came at the 1981 Spanish GP
Gilles Villeneuve

Who was leading on the final lap in 2001, only to agonizingly run of fuel
Mika Hakkinen

Which team lined up on a F1 grid for the last time at the 2008 Spanish GP?
Super Aguri

Which 2 spanish circuits are missing Pedralbes ------- ------- Jerez Barcelona
Jarama & Montjuïc Park

Which 2 brothers competed in the 1973 GP
Emerson & Wilson Fittipaldi

What would turn out to be historically significant about the Podium at 1993 GP
It would go on to be the most successful podium in f1 history with 14 world titles won between Prost, Senna & M Schumacher

What was interesting about 8 finishers in 1975 GP
For the 1st time all the classified finishers had the same engine supplier, Ford

Maldonado has took his only race win in 2012, can you name 3 other drivers that took 1st win on spanish soil
Niki Lauda, Jochen Mass & Mika Hakkinen

Mansell took victory in this year but what other major sporting event took place at the Circuit de Catalunya
Olympic Road Team Time Trial.
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