South African GP to return

i think its a good thing as is normally said you cant have a world championship, if its not on every continent. btu from what ive seen 23 races will happen & that means from what i understand that 2 from the current calendar has to go, as china has to return as well

for me i would get rid of spain & france
for me i would get rid of spain & france
I think fans of Sainz and Alonso and Renault / Alpine would strongly disagree.

Team fatigue and the work / life balance of the mechanics and staff is going to be an increasingly major issue. Teams will have to employ even more staff to cover holidays, sickness and general life.

A week between Baku and Canada highlights just how absurd the calendar has become already.
hard choices are going to have to be made & unfortunately they quite lowdown on preference, france is quite new & has hardly made an impression. spain is way over its sell by date its been on the calendar 30 years for me its constantly the worst circuit on the calendar. 1996 was probably the best, 2012 was good, 2021 was alright because of Mercedes strategy. nobody is going to want to keep spain & france over Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Baku, Hungary, Austria

A week between Baku and Canada is ridiculous & has been for a while

edit - actually i realised that maybe as many as 4 have to go as Qatar, China, South Africa & Las Vegas all come in for 2023. maybe it time for a vote on another thread
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i tried to figure out how many race i would have in my calendar & i came up with this & with vast majority of races have 2 weeks in between & a break for Le mans. i got 22 races in. i cant see how you get any more in

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I’d get rid of all the money/show tracks with the exception of Monaco (I’d rather the cars were smaller/lighter).
i seen some stupid decisions but losing Spa would be 1 of the stupidest decisions for a very long time. its unthinkable & if they get rid of spa what next monza. there are circuits that should be ringfenced Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka right at the top is spa
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