Some more photos of the British GP


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While they aren't as good as Porcelimone's superb pictures, now that I've finally found the doodad that connects the whatsit to the jobby, I've actually got around to sticking some on here. Enjoy.








Cheers cat.

I think you should be able to link to the original size photos on photobucket as those are quite small and there's no option to click them for larger versions.
Sadly I've no idea how to do that. I've only just learnt how to stick them up on here. I'll used the re-size jobby on in the image code. I posted the full size pictures and they were huge. I'll make them larger with a quick edit.
just use the normal img tag cat, they will automatically resize to the maximum width of the page which is 824px :thumbsup:
Hey, thanks for the compliment. Some good photo's from you too! I never saw any famous folk unfortunately (except on the drivers parade). What day and where did you get the shots of AD and LG? Nice to see you were at Luffield at some point. Not far from me on Friday and Sunday. Watched quali from Abbey on Saturday - the cars are on the very edge and absolutely awesome through there.
Hi Porceliamone. All the pictures were taken on the Friday. We watched first practice at Stowe which was great for seeing the cars coming down Hanger at speed and then watching how they looked under braking. We then walked around the tack via Copse and finished up at Luffield on Friday afternoon. It was a great day all round.
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