Software Easter Eggs

A few years ago in every copy of Word and Excel there were some key sequences - about 10 or 20-chars long, not something you could click into accidentally - that took you into a flight-sim game that you could play with number keys.
I haven't played them for years (pre-XP or Office 2003) but vaguely remember that the Word one was a flight sim and the Excel one took you to a pyramid on which the names of the programmers were "carved".

Good to know that all that MS-bloatware that buggered up the performance of your Windows PC was being put to good use.
I remember playing that.

Many years ago when I was debugging the code in a Nokia GSM exchange, I stumbled across the complete lyrics to It's a Hard Day's Night by The Beatles.

Who says the Fins don't have a sense of humour? :D
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