Six Letters' Quiz


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Every answer in this quiz will have six letters in it!

1. In which country did that year's World Champion win every year from 1994-2000, but only three times since.


2. Which constructor took its first win in 1977 and won 9 races in total?


3. Which tyre manufacturer saw its last race in 1977 at Fuji on the Tyrrell of local driver Kunimitsu Takahashi?


4. Which driver scored 6 of his 7 points in F1 at Imola in 1994?

[Nicola] Larini

5. Which constructor never won a Drivers' Championship but built a Drivers' Championship winning car?

Lancia [The D50 which Ferrari/Fangio took to victory in 1956

6. Until 1958, the title was always won by a driver with 6 letters in his name. Who was the highest six-lettered driver in the 1958 Championship?

[Tony] Brooks

7. Complete the closest top 5 in history from Monza in 1971.
______, Peterson, ______, Hailwood, ______

Gethin, Cevert, Ganley
Point each

8. Which constructor scored its first ever fastest lap in 2012, backing it up with a second with the other driver later in the season?

Unsurprisingly I got a point from Q7, also unsurprisingly I scored a total of 3.
Very interesting quiz.

Question no. 8 to the rescue! :cheers:
Blimey, I got 5.

I knew 2,3,6 and 8 right from the off and got the first name in Q7, new the first name of name 2 but couldn't blooming well remember his surname so that didn't count and I know who name 3 was but there's no way I would have got it.

Quite chuffed now.
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