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We're going to go from the First Grand Prix in Britain in 1950 to Abu Dhabi in 2010 in only six World Champions to start this quiz.

1. Juan Manuel Fangio finished in the top 2 of the Championship in every year bar one from 1950-57. Which year did he not compete?


[1958 French GP]

2. How many of Graham Hill's 14 wins came for Lotus?

4 in 1968(Sp, Mc, Mx) and 1969 (Mc)

[1975 Brazilian GP]

3. Mario Andretti was on pole on d├ębut in 1968's USGP. Name the other two drivers (since 1950) to sit on pole in his first F1 race for 1/2 a point each.

Carlos Reutemann and Jacques Villeneuve. Neither won it, though!

[1982 Las Vegas GP]

4. Nigel Mansell achieved the Grand Chelem of leading every lap, pole, win and fastest lap 4 times. In 1992 three of these were in Spain, SA and Britain. Where did he score a Chelem in the previous year?


[1995 French GP]

5. Mika Hakkinen raced 131 times with McLaren. 1/3 of a point each for naming the three drivers who had more races with a single team.

3rd - J. Lafitte - 132 - Ligier
2nd - D. Coulthard - 150 - McLaren
1st - M. Schumacher - 180 - Ferrari

[2001 Japanese GP]

6. Fernando Alonso scored 5 fastest laps and 5 wins in 2010. 4 of his fastest laps coincided with victories, so name the only race where 'Nando scored the win but not the FL.


FL was Seb Vettel. Alonso also scored FL at Silverstone

OK, so we have six champions. Lets see what else we can do about them...

7. Which was the only season in which none of these raced, except for the answer to Q1?

2002. Alonso was Renault test driver

8. Which of the six never won at Monza?

Mika Hakkinen. He should have, but he didn't!

9. Which other World Champion competed both at Brazil 1975 and Las Vegas 1982?

Niki Lauda

10. There are two pairs of these six who were once team-mates in F1. Half for each!

Hill and Andretti - 1968
Hakkinen and Mansell - 1995
Ahem -
Jacques Villeneuve - Sat on pole on his F1 debut in Australia 1996...

Mansell and Andretti were team-mates (Albeit in Indycar!)
You mean Q10?? Also I completed the quiz before you changed them, so I keep my old score
(Makes no difference though)
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