Sir Jackie says F1 full of amateur gynaecologists

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F1 Drivers Can Apparently Explore Gynecology As A Second Career

...From Dusty Ventures:

Sir Jackie, in addition to being one of the greatest drivers in motorsport history and having some of the greatest sideburns in motorsport history you are, as mentioned in the intro, famed for your passion for increased motorsport safety. What safety advancement that you helped bring about are you most proud of, and what area of safety do you think still needs more work today, either in F1 or in another form of racing?​

Jackie Stewart:

One was the Armco barrier, second medical aid, because the chief medical officer at Brands Hatch was a gynecologist. I'm sure he was a good doctor and good at gynecology, but it wasn't the work that would be good in a racing accident.

A lot of F1 drivers were already amateur gynecologists.

More influence from current drivers on important changes would be helpful. These guys are actually out there, a computer sim is all well and good, but a driver really knows what to do....
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