Poll Simple Poll. Will Mclaren win their appeal

Will Mclaren win in court on Sept 28th and what will be the result?

  • Mclaren win - Original race classification restored

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  • Mclaren fail - Result stands

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Simple and straight forward poll guys. Will Mclaren win their case when they get their day in court on September the 28th and what will be the result.

The poll will run until the Sept 28th when we will find out the result.


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If the FIA follow their own rules (for once) then the appeal will be thrown out as teams are not permitted to appeal drive through penalties.
For all the tea in china i just can't see a posistive result coming from from this so i had to say no.

Incidently by lodging the protest in the first place it's already costing Mclaren.. 2000 euro's just to lodge a protest and thats without the cost of hearings etc.
If the FIA have any sense at all they will let the appeal be heard and then let the world see why the stewards gave the sanction they did. I don't for a single minute, think anything will change but at least we could all see on what there decision was based.

It's never going to happen in a million years though because as Bro rightly says the FIA rule book states that you can't appeal a drive through penalty (or a time sanction given in place of a drive through)
The result will stand. You can't appeal a drive through penalty. Funny that the stewards decided to impose one of the only 'unappealable' penalties there are. Mind you, they had a few hours to think about it and consult their jokebook first didn't they? Way to spoil possibly the most exciting 2 minutes of on track action for decades huh? Tw@ts!
The Court of Appeal are loathe to rule against their own stewards (or Mr. Donnelly, whichever made the decision...)

Apart from Malaysia 1999, can anyone remember an appeal being successful? I can't.

But they won't dare to increase the penalty, will they?

Will they???
Malaysia 1999 was a different situation when Ferrari were thrown out of the Grand Prix and they needed to be in it to make the Japanese GP exciting as a finale to the season! :o

The FIA are not going to lose this appeal. Period! Whilst the appeal is in the closed world of motorsport the FIA are not going to lose it! If it went to CAS then McLaren have a chance but Jean Todt will probably be the next FIA boss...
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