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Thread is still going strong thanks to mostly people who are known to have really "soft spot" for Sebastian Vettel. River dance on Seb's head with some regularity must make you feel good about your own achievements. There cannot be any other explanation.


More to the point, whether he felt that way during a race. Reflection in hindsight is not the same as mindset of a racer seeing his teammates being slow, unable to keep up. I do remember anyone asking Leclerc similar questions after Monza, so here we are back to double standrad.


Doesn't look a bit like Jesus
I have respect for him for admitting he is wrong. It's seems a modern trait in life now days to just shout at people that you're right until the give up or highlight everyone else's mistakes in hope it covers your own up. So props to him for coming out and saying it.


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Its all well coming out and saying this but part of it is to not having to back Leclerc up for the championship which is now effectively over
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