Head To Head Sebastian Vettel v Charles Leclerc


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He has had his moments in the past of racing from the back of the grid to the front, not often, and not when he doesn’t care about the team, so he may well opt for a bit of dodgems instead.

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If the Ferrari was the class of the field then I doubt Charles Leclerc would beat Sebastian Vettel, as Vettel has shown numerous times how good he is at leading a race. But with the Ferrari being at the moment a midfield car I don’t think Vettel will beat Leclerc.

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Harumph. Again.
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I think Seb lost his edge a while ago now, to me it feels like it coincided with becoming a father. I dont expect to see him in F1 next year, but I think it will depend on what he can do for the rest of the season.

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Two races into the season and the have already taken each other out of a race. I wonder what the fall out from this is going to be.


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Leclerc has admitted his mistake something Vettel never did. .They just have to regroup for next week there is no point dropping either driver because there are not any suitable replacements


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im liking that binotto on Friday thought well things cant get any worse & leclerc had other

yeah leclerc very odd move it was like logical part of the brain seem to leave him today. i cant even give an explanation of why on lap 1. when he can see it very congested 3 a brest he went for it. replays even weirder because it looks like he's staying out of it & then last minute disregards it


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I totally lost respect for LeClerc and Verstappen when they refused to kneel for BLM at the first race. The fact that Vettel was kneeling right there next to Lewis speaks volumes to his character, and Verstappen's immaturity. I hope Seb crushes him this year.
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