Seb V will be on Question Time tomorrow

Will there be an Aston Martin PR rep stood next to him all night holding a tape recorder under his mouth?

I have to say, that's the most bizarre guest to feature on QT but I can't wait to see it.
Yeah. Agree mate.

And he's now at the "been there, done it, couldn't give a **** what people think about me anymore" stage of his sporting career.
Although it was in the fastest car against a crap team mate, so it doesn't count, right?

I might see if I can watch that on iplayer or whatever it is now.
what the :censored: did i agree to

Screenshot_20220512-225323_BBC iPlayer.jpg
Overall a dissapointing performance from Seb. His four answers were fairly bland and lacked a strong understanding of the key issues. His knowledge of the specific topics under discussion, the Northern Ireland / EU border issue, Partygate, the cost of living issues in the UK and in particular the current governments response to it and European security issues, was lacking.

It just shows that when out of his comfort zone and against teammates who were of equal or superior ability, he struggles.

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