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A funny thing's been happening for me on here these past few days. While logged on to CTA the screen resolution sometimes changes by itself and the interface gets blown out four of five times the size of the page. Has anybody had that problem before?
Try as I may there no tools available to fix this problem when it occurs. I even tried using the restore point system and bring the (Windows) PC to an earlier date, I log back on and the problem is still there.

The problem is strictly confined to CTA, all other windows function same as usual.

Today I logged back and everything worked OK.without having changed anything.

Any idea what it might be?
Hmmm, I haven't encountered that issue and no-one else has reported it.

Does it happen from other computers and browsers?
Which browser are you using?

The first thing I would suggest is to clear your browser of all cache as it could be a corrupt file.
Yep, done all that before. I use Firefox.
I'd be tempted to say there must be something dodgy with my hardware if it weren't for the fact it only ever happened on this site's page.

It only happened a couples of times so hopefully it won't happen again.
Strange though. :dunno:
So in effect the page/tab is being zoomed in several hundred percent?

Something like this?
I tend to clear everything at regular intervals to free some space. I'll try using another browser but I still can't understand why all other windows (when there are several open tabs) work normally and CTA doesn't?

Anyway lt's fine now so hopefully it'll continue.
Well the browser caches separate files for each site you visit (CSS, JavaScript, etc.), so it's just possible the files related to here were corrupt.

That's just a guess though as I can't think of anything else which would cause it.
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