Schumacher V Hamilton

Hamilton V Schumacher

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gethinceri you are probably right in most wheel to wheel clashes Hamilton normally comes out clear, or in very rare cases both lose out, this is not due to agressive driving but more to do that Hamilton manages to place his car in a position where he will sustain the least or no damage when a collision is inevitable

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Hamilton would've beaten Schumacher to the '94 title if he'd been in Damon's position.
Had Hamilton been in Hill’s place, Schumacher probably wouldn’t have been banned and disqualified for 4 races... this was a prime season where the FIA tried to make things exciting by introducing bans!


i came across this & im really unsure. so i thought id open it up. so the 2 best drivers of this millennium. hypothetically like prost & senna in the 1988 mclaren or 2014 mercedes. both drivers in their prime & in the same team. who wins the title

Schumacher didn't have Bottas to block for him ! Lap 19 of today's GP was so obvious it was pathetic !
We need to start timing how fast Bottas gets out of Hamilton's way everytime Hamilton say's "My left front is really going away" from now on.


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RickB it was odd that hamilton just hit another gear as soon as his tyre was dead. but all know to have a bit of a laugh when he says it. the way he closed that gap & how he went backwards in laps after. bottas was trying to block Hamilton but as Brundle said its a lose lose with that DRS your either giving the inside line or the racing line

but also Schumacher almost invented pulling over. & how he single handily brought in the ban of team orders post Austria & Indy 2002?
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