Schumacher criticises Pirelli tyres

Nico Rosberg is not complaining about the tyres. Nico Rosberg believes that the challenges being thrown at drivers by the current Formula 1 tyre situation is good news for the sport.
The closeness of the field this year has increased the influence of the Pirelli rubber on cars' overall performance. This has resulted in teams' form fluctuating as they work to get the rubber into the right operating window for their cars.
The four grands prix so far in 2012 have provided victories for McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, with no team having looked like repeating its success at any other circuit, such has been the vast difference in track conditions at each race.
When asked by AUTOSPORT whether races were becoming too much of a tyre-based lottery based on what has been seen so far this year, Mercedes driver Rosberg said: "No. It's just a very different game. Formula 1 drivers should be happy to accept the challenge posed by Pirelli's current generation of tyres because they are helping make the racing more exciting.
That is the view of Mark Webber, who reckons that complaints that the high degradation is detracting from the thrill of pushing F1 cars to the limit are not valid.
"Tyres have always been an important part of Formula 1," said the Red Bull Racing driver. "Things were probably a little less punishing in the past to get them right, but now you need to be right there and, if you aren't, it can be quite tricky.
"Everybody has the same stuff to deal with so you have to get on with it. We just drive the cars and do the best job with what we have."
GeoffP that's a good point that, as far as I'm aware, hasn't really been discussed in any depth. We have seen drivers spin out when they've run wide onto the dirty stuff but to date they've been pretty lucky with no serious prangs or injury. Murphy's Law says "If it can happen, it will happen" so it's just a matter of time and chance, methinks.
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