Formula E Rome E-Prix 2019


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This weekend see's all 3 major single seater series running races. F1 is running it's 1000th race in China, Indy car is at Long Beach and the streets of Rome will be alive with the sound of electric cars with the second running of the Rome E-Prix. Last year's race was a bit of a thriller with lots of wheel banging and the eventual winner being Sam Bird. It's a victory he could really do with reordering after the DNF last time out.

Also running near the front last year were Mahindra, Teechetah and Renault. Renault are now of course Nissan who have the in form Oli Rowland leading the way for them this year. Rowland has looked good without actually getting great resultas of yet but seems to be getting the best of Sebastian Buemi and second last time out is a good starting point. Jean-Eric Vergne won last time out and that has catapulted him into championship contention again but the real ones to watch are Audi who always seem to come good as we get into the European season. Having said that Lucas Di Grassi threw a wobbley after being taken out in the last race and really is only at his best when he is calm so will be interesting to see which Lucas turns up. Every Formula E weekend I mention that D'ambrosio is up the top but not really considered a contender. He keeps getting results though so maybe we should start to think of him as such. Certainly Mahindra were best on the Rome track last year and only lost victory when Rosenqvist put it in the wall.

A couple of driver changes elsewhere with Piquet Jr having left the series with the Jaguars in a downward spiral. He has been replaced by Alex Lynn who will be looking for redemption after a frankly awful season with Virgin last year. Also taking a break for one race is Felipe Nasr who has been completely anon anyways - Gunther is back in for the race.

Once again this race could really go anywhere and to anyone with BMW looking back on song and Mortara in the Venturi also looking very racey now days.

Coverage as always will be on BBC iPlayer, Eurosport and BT sport. All that and a live stream on the website. All races this year have been top notch so far so very much looking forward to this as usual.
intresting qualifying ive just seen in a wet dry superpole, Lotterer with more luck of running order than pace. & huge weekend for Jaguar with Mitch Evans 2nd. but fascinating race championship wise with Top 6 that are separted by 10 points, qualifying 13th 20th 17th 14th 15th & 7th. even if Im not a fan of European FE races because from what I remember the races in Rome, Paris & Monaco are far too short & narrow to have a chance to overtake

although ill probally not see it live or til probally Monday. got such a busy weekend of Football F1 Family & Work
crikey, that was edge of the seat stuff for the last 15 minutes. I and the cameras forgot there were other cars in the race.

Great result for Mitch and it couldn't have come at a better time for Jaguar. Piquet Jnr must be wondering if karma is a thing.

I reckon that may have just about saved Jaguar from the exit at the end of the season.
Blimey that was a butterfly's in the tummy race rather than a thriller. Great drive from Mitch Evans and exactly what Jaguar needed. Did not see that win coming at all. Great pass. Interesting to see Attack mode really come into his tactical element.

How awesome did that jump section shot look by the way? The where Lotterer seem to have hang time for about 30 seconds was awesome.

Oh and "we have 100% track blockage" LOL

Vandoorne broke down on warm down lap!

New Zealand winner always make me think of our Kewee friend. Heres to him whether he may be.
Oh and D'ambrosio back at top of championship. I'm starting to think he's going to scrape it over the line for the title!
Lotterer's post race comments where he talked about Mitch simply being faster and how it was a great race and that there was nothing wrong with his overtake filled my heart with joy. Great battle. Magnanimous in defeat. Rubbing is racing.

A proper gent.
cider_and_toast have to say I saw the same interview and instantly became a Lotterer fan. Racing is racing - my kind of driver.

Also we should probably highlight Andre Lotterer's Rocky like rise in Formula E. He had probably the worst debut of anyone in any series I've ever seen, to the point where he simply got black flagged for being a danger on the track. Now days he consistanly fights for wins and podiums at the front. Quite a turn round in a year and a half.
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I really enjoyed that ePrix miles better than that crap from 24 hrs ago. just got around to seeing it this morning, just got Cycling & IndyCar left. I had said that this was a huge weekend for Jaguar with Mitch Evans 2nd post qualifying. what a vital win which penny for piquet thoughts considering he left in mexico because he didnt think they could fight at the front oops :D but great drive & overtake on possibly the hardest overtaking place on the circuit as said above, that was so vital because that probally kept them in a job for another season. I like lotterer I liked his reaction in hong kong & is understandable he knew he wasnt quick enough & inevitable was trying to hold him back. he was halfway past & no harm no foul

that track blockage ive only seen once prior, that was at lowes hairpin in F2. crazy to see & the championship is building to a fanastic finish 13pts separating the top 9. ive heard of 3 or 4 way title finale but not a 9 way
More than that if you look at it. I think there are 13 in it all the way down to Buemi 35 points down. If you think you can get 29 for a max weekend and there are 6 races left you can't count the ones down there.

So 7 different pole sitters. 7 different winners. 7 different winning teams. All this and the current complaint is that Nissan are running twin motors which makes them the fastest car - yet Nissan are one of the teams who haven't won a race! Crazy.

Ok guys prediction time. Who is going to be champion.

I'm going to stick my neck out and say Robin Frinjs!
Once again I was grateful for the race being on iplayer as it saved me from that long boring bit known as the red flag. Sorry to say it again, the circuits are not suitable for motor racing.
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