RIP Nigel Stepney


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
The Ferrari mechanic behind 2007 spy gate has died in a road accident today.
Not everyones hero but rather young to be leaving.

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A tragic accident. What he did was wrong, but with "crashgate" personnel back in the sport and the other party in spygate having since worked in F1, it's a shame it's what he'll be remembered for.

Very sad.
I know that now is not the time to speculate, but based on the news reports, it sounds like he may not have been in the best mental state. Poor man! Many condolences to his partner and daughter.
What seems to be left out is that he knew that Ferrari were running an illegal flexible floor. When he brought this subject up he was told that they would continue to run this until it was discovered. This, together with his demotion, resulted in him passing text messages with race strategies to his friend Mike Coughlan.

He admitted sending information but when shown the documents he denied sending them. He also denied any sabotage, since it was supposedly putting a white powder in the tank (sugar?) which would have been well washed away by qualifying it seems an odd way to sabotage the car. His demotion and the sabotage accusation seemed very suspicious to me, it simply didn't add up.

Whistleblowing is not always allowed.
Can we all focus on the brilliant work Stepney did for Shadow, Brabham, Lotus, Benneton and Ferrari pre-07 for a bit? The man was a huge part of thr Schumacher dominance and that should never be forgotten despite later connection with other issues.

He also worked with the likes of De Angelies and Senna.

RIP Nigel.
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Very sad and a tragedy that the negatives will possibly always be associated with his memory, in the same way some fans won't allow Alonso's involvement in the same affair to remain where it also belongs, in the past.
Stepney made a huge contribution to F1, lets hope in time he'll be remembered for his brilliance.
Very sad.

Also I'm surprised to see an F1 man driving around in a caddy van. Would have been safer to rejoin fast moving traffic in an M Car or an AMG or something like that.
Batman ..... there have been no reports why he was driving a caddy van, he may have needed it for convenience. The reports I've read say he pulled over to the hard shoulder, got out and was then hit and run over by a truck. Obviously a terrible accident, accurate reports will be released in the coming weeks we can assume.
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