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Yesterday we heard that Fernando Alonso has a "get out" clause in his contract if the team fails to finish in the top three of the constructors championship.

Fernando has stated that he will make a decision about whether to stay with Renault for next season later in the year.

Today it was announced that Renaults Chief of Aerodynamics, Dino Toso has left the team after 8 years. Will this make the prospect of Alonso leaving Renault that much more likely?

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who knows
some questions have to be awnsered first:

Why is Dino Toso leaving (jumped or pushed)
Whats the relationship with Alonso
Is thid Dirk de Beer any good, or at least better then Dino
Is this the first signs of the WC winning crew moving on because of thier lack of sucess

I have a feeling they wont be awnsered and the rumors and specuation wont stop until Melbourne 09
There is a smell of rat about DT leaving. Sorry, but it stinks of performance clauses. (ok, I'll doubtless be proved wrong - his contract was up for renewal? ;))

Frankly, I think it's far too late to bring in a new designer (of any discipline) if they are intended to make an impact on next year's car - surely this must have left the significant CAD/CAM stage a few moons ago.

(Dodgy bit coming up: (I know nothing, Mr Faulty... I from Barcelona...(not)) But...hey ho... they have nothing "Toulouse" (yawn).)

Renault: I drive one, but I wish Flav would stand down... (please).
I came across this mention of Toso's departure from Renault on

Perhaps he is leaving because of ill-health but the quote from the earlier article "I'm looking forward to tackling new challenges that will allow me to fully express my technical creativity in the years ahead" suggests that there must be another reasons for the move. Hmmm, interesting! .. apparently Renault have never been lower than the third place constructor since their inception as a team.

There's a big aero package due for France this weekend .. I wonder if this could see the start of a fight back from Renault ?
sorry, but if there is such a clause in alonso's contract then flav is a big ole fool with a bad haircut.

how can anyone come up with such a thing after what happened to the renaults the past year and the fact they have a rookie driver. plus flav, more then anyone els in f1 should now know by now its also pretty much about luck.

chief of aerodynamics does not sound like a person who will be sorely missed like a chief designer. so i don't really see any connection with alonso.
Fernando? What are you playing at?

If Fernando Alonso continues on his current career path he's going to end up a superb racer on the scrapheap because no team thinks they can risk taking him on...

As for the defection of Renaults Chief of Aerodynamics, I can't see how that'll affect Alonso. Unless he's replaced by Ron Dennis!
Ah, now 2 people don't see any connection between the loss of the Chief of the Aero dept and the possibility of Alonso leaving Renault at the end of the season

I would submit that most of the modifications to "the package" (gosh I hate that word sound like Linford Christie's lunchbox lol) that appear mid season are changes to aero and therefore, whether or not the car will become more competetive in the remainder of the season could, in my view depend upon the calibre of staff in the aero department.

Obviously I have no clue as to how long design modifications take from the initial idea through manufacture, wind tunnel testing and circuit testing before they eventually make it onto a car for a grand prix; but, if this guy who led the aero work during Alonso's WDC years has left and there are no more of his ideas in the pipeline isn't it possible that the hoped for improvements won't appear and the get out clause could be invoked?
Re: Fernando? What are you playing at?

teabagyokel said:
If Fernando Alonso continues on his current career path he's going to end up a superb racer on the scrapheap because no team thinks they can risk taking him on...

That's what I also think. Most teams would not take a risk of having him in their line up, because you never know when he will leave.
I actually disagree for a change. I think Ferrari would have him as they would be able to get him to sign a contract with no get out clause on his part, but a performance clause on theirs.

The problem is, unless Kimi leaves and Massa drops the ball, I can't see this happening or Ferrari wanting him.
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