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Just realised we don't have a thread on the young Scot and there's something I have to get off my chest but, first, here's some history.

A real sporting family, his cousins are the Franchitti brothers and his step father was Scottish footballer Dougie McCracken (no, I'd never heard of him either but he played for Ayr, Dunbarton and East Fife). As ever, started in karting before moving to Formula Renault with Manor Motorsport. He was Formula 3 Euroseries champion in 2006 before moving on to DTM.

With Mercedes backing he was lined up for a drive with Force India in 2009 but FI chose to continue with their '08 driver line up. As test driver in 2010 for FI di Resta finally secured a seat for the 2011 season alongside Adrian Sutil scoring points on his debut and having a highest finish to date of 7th in Hungary.

Anyway, as to my moan. At the pre-race interviews at Spa di Resta complained that he only qualified 18th as the team called him in telling him he was "safe" to get into Q2. Can someone explain why the drivers don't argue with their teams in these situations? He must have seen the track was drying and the grip improving so why doesn't he "grow a pair" and tell them he wants to carry on? It's all too easy to abdicate responsibilty, you're in the car mate, tell them what you think.

And relax...


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He was only on Sky at the weekend as Davidson was thrashing round CotA in his Nissan. Hopefully Ant will be back for Japan.


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Williams have fufilled their contractral obligation of having a dullard over-rated Scottish driver who does TV work as their 3rd driver by signing Paul Di Resta up for the job.

When asked about how he felt about the role he apparently stated that it wasn't his fault that he was 3rd driver but was down to tactical errors by the team and mechanical failures. He went on to say for the next 20 mins that it was obvious he was a top driver and deserved a top drive as he once beat Vettel in a junior series. By this time all the press had fallen asleep.

He has also been announced as a pundit on Sky which has been celebrated by C4 as it may attract them more viewers.

(I know I'm very harsh on Paul Di Resta by the way but don't rate him).


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Looks like Di Resta might get a 2nd lifeline to resurrect his F1 career as he is announced as reserve driver for Williams

I am thinking after a few shoddy races Massa will retire for good this time and Di Resta will get his chance


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If Massa were to hang up his helmet during the season it would be planned with the start of the European races or the mid-season break. Williams would then choose a good replacement, thereby ruling out Di Resta.


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I suppose it depends on how well Lance Stroll does. If he shows some speed and Massa does decide to pack it in mid-season we may well see someone like Wherlein being placed into a Mercedes powered team or one of their other junior drivers. I can't believe di Resta would be first choice for them or for any other team come to that.
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