Ozone Layer in Venus' Atmosphere


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Well Venus is very similar to Earth in a lot of respects, it's just got a very dense atmosphere and doesn't have a carbon cycle. Apparently because of the reflective sulfuric acidic clouds, these add around 350 degrees to the air temp.


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To quote Alexi Sayle "Is there life on Mars? Is there life in Peckham?" I really do wonder why scientist waste such vast amounts of time and money on such pointless research.


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Ooh, ooh, I know the answer to that one. :thinking: Is it because they need extremely deep thought and very expensive experiments to get sufficient exercise for those big, Ostrich egg shaped brains that they have?

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It's because things like this expand our knowledge of the Universe and help to discover just how it began. In other words, it's to keep a load of scientists in highly paid jobs. Most of them then write books putting forward their theories which can never be proved nor disproved.
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