Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Russian Grand Prix

How did you rate the Russian grand prix out of 10?

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Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. It usually is fun to watch a racing driver have to be a passenger, I think they're all control freaks in racing cars ;)
It was a good race.
It seems the less tyre deg the better racing this season... :thinking:

I wasnt sure whether to post this on a new thread but i was wondering during watching Japan 05 rerun on skyf1 whether to going back to Bridgestone days could be a good idea because then you could actually follow each other for long time with it ruining tyres in the dirty air

Now you'd never get alonso Schumacher 10/15 lap battle in that Japanese gp I was talking about & that pass around 130R would never happen now as teams would be radio moaning to drop back
So I enjoyed that one. Lot of action down the field and some good fights. Nice to see Force India are one team not scared to take a strategy gamble.

The track might not look the most interesting but it breeds good racing. Love turn 3.

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