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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Enjoyed watching Dan pass everyone and Lewis extend his lead. Bottas crashing into everyone livened up the end. But really a bit dull in the middle.

this race will always be dull unless the cars are on different strategies and the weather intervenes at this race

. If there is no incident then it becomes a simple borefest
Bottas and Ricciardo made this race
But Bottas' incidents before finish was unnecessary
Different tactics also added intrigue to the race
Did I really want to watch another Mercedes 1-2? Unfortunately the Ferrari management did not have the foresight to bring Vettel in when first getting into the traffic, even the pit crew cockup would not have mattered. Had Vettel come out in front of Bottas it would have been race on with Hamilton on used softs and Vettel on supersofts.
Well Vettel should be 50 pts at least in front at this stage somehow Ferrari must be scratching and thinking how Hamilton has managed to gain 32 pts on Vettel and be this far in front

I think the break will be crucial because I think Ferrari are rocking slightly in terms of change of management the pressure seems to be a bit more telling on them than Mercedes. Last year Mercedes came back after summer and blitzed everyone so for Ferrari's sack they hope it does not happen
9 rounds left to go
Another race missed.

From the sounds of it, standing in a field in North Wales, getting rained on was a better option.
Qualifying was soooo exciting but the race was a bit dull. Still, I'm happy for Lewis but feel bad for both Red Bull guys
Watched the first stint then dipped in and out and missed the last 10 laps. What I saw was a damp squib.
I knew the result before I saw the highlights, so that didn't help my enjoyment levels. Mind you, there wasn't much to enjoy was there? A dull 4 from me.
5. And 3 of those are just because someone other than a Merc/Ferrari/Red Bull finished on the lead lap.
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