Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Russian Grand Prix

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Nico having throttle problems made for a fake pass for the lead. Lots of dull bits, a few crashes including a whopper for Romain. 2 safety cars, and Kimi mistaking his car for a Yokosuka Kamikaze plane on the last lap.

What did you think. I thought it was a very 'Meh' race. Instantly forgettable. A 5 from me.
Nico's retirement ended any hope of a truly great race I think, but what went on behind was much better and more eventful than the dull races we've had recently. I did nod off a bit in the middle but the ending with four drivers going for 3rd was some proper racing. I've given it a 6, which I feel is maybe a tad harsh.
Well silly Fernando for disobeying

An 8 because it was good from 3rd place onwards and the Mclarens were not left miles behind like in Suzuka
Between 7 and 8 from me. Gave it a 7. Really enjoyed the Kimi/Bottas/Ricciardo/Perez battle towards the end.

I really can't see how anybody towards the end of the race, couldn't enjoy the battle for the podium between Kimi/Bottas and Ricciardo/Perez.,,,.good stuff. I agree with your 8 rufus-mcdufus, but with a Lewis win a.......10.
It was OK. A battle between the Mercs would have been nice, but it was better than some of the recent races. The Bathurst 1000 was much better. A not bad 6 from me.
Yes, the end was boiling up nicely with the
.... how anybody towards the end of the race, couldn't enjoy the battle for the podium between Kimi/Bottas and Ricciardo/Perez ....
but then Kimi went and spoiled it by being a bit of a prat.

In any case, a 10 minute sprint, with some on dead tyres unable to defend, does not make it into a 53 lap, hour and a half race.
So, its a 2
i like it, some good action shame it wasnt at the front but rosberg's bad luck put paid to that. seem to be the week of crashes as that grosjean was very worrying the same as was huge shunt. & just shows the safety of these cars/ hans device that he can walk away from that unharmed

love the battle between the 3rd > 6th perez ricciardo Bottas Kimi. what kimi was doing is beyond its not like the door was ajar it was firmly shut i wouldve given him 10place grid drop in austin instead of 30 sec penalty as it more of a punishment. but on the other hand it did mean i went from gutted to delighted as i was cheering perez on hoping he'd make podium. also i put on the lewis/nico thread i make no bones about hiding being a lewis fan. but i couldn't help but feel really sorry for nico rosberg because no-one apart from lewis himself what its to be a walkover & title battle won on track ideally goes to wire & not through bad luck/unreliability.
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