Poll Out of Ten - 2014 United States Grand Prix

2014 United States Grand Prix out of ten

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That had everything. A battle for the lead, world champions dicing. Just brilliant, non stop all race. AND LEWIS WON.

I think this track is a real jewel in the F1 calender.

Great track, some great overtakes, just a little bit "meh" in the coverage. I'd give it a 7 but I stuffed up my vote in Russia (that should have been a 6 really) so to make up for it, I've given Austin an extra 1.
There were lots of battles up and down the order, some really brave non-drs passes and Lewis won so I give it my first 10 of the season
I always seem to disagree. I don't actually like this track very much but the coverage played a large part in that, too much aerial footage for my liking which might be OK on a 60" TV but I struggled to see what was going on with some of the more distant shots on my smallish TV, plus I really dislike watching the BBC highlights show. There was some decent racing but Lewis looked pretty confident from the moment the race started. Great drive from Ricciardo and rather disappointing from the Williams. 6/10 from me.
It was a good solid 8. Lewis always looked like he was going to win, and as soon as he took the lead it was game over. There were some good battles throughout the field though, and the track does seem to promote good racing. Sad to see the Force Indias seem to have imploded in the second half of the season, but another excellent drive from Ricciardo.
Even though I missed 30 laps in the middle I'm going to give it a 7. Not the best race of the season but very far from being the worst and a visually stunning event especially the esses.
I'm giving it a 7, lots of battles for the lower points positions and a battle for the lead, although things seemed pretty quiet at the front after Hamilton took the lead.
I gave it a 7. It was entertaining, but it was also depressing to see how dominant the Mercedes are.We will all miss Alonso next season, if he's not in F1, he's always up for overtaking.
I would like to give it a 10 but for that to happen Mercedes pursuers would have to have gone significantly quicker. Daniel Ricciardo did an exceptional job, recovering from that poor start. Had he made a better one, he may well have applied the additional pressure needed to throw Mercedes strategist into his usual epileptic fit and subsequent melt down. As it was the fear of Massa pitting early on his shagged out option tyres prompted a desperately early pitstop for Lewis and Nico.
"We're covering off the opposition/rest of the field" should have been followed by the caveat "so we'll forget that you two are in a race for the championship and one might want to try something alternative with your second stop to get a jump on the other."
In spite of all the on-track action, and good racing, the whole spectacle felt a bit flat. I think the reduced grid diminished the overall feel of the race, and the camerawork left a lot to be desired - it felt as if you were too far away from the action most of the time. A slightly bemused 6 from me...
Most enjoyable, in my opinion. Fantastic battling from Alonso and Button was the absolute highlight but we saw some great overtaking and battling from as diverse sources as the Mercs, Ricciardo, Grosjean, Vettel, Alonso, Button and Vergne. Maldonado raced effectively at close quarters without ploughing into anything.

If I was Vijay Mallya, then I might say 0, but I'm not. Therefore, I will award the 2014 USGP a 9.

I have to say I was not convinced by CoTA, but this was an excellent race, and I think this circuit could well become to the 2010s what Suzuka was to the 1980s.
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