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2014 Monaco Grand Prix out of ten

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Wow. Awful start, but really picked up towards the end. And well done to Bianchi and Marussia thanks to some amateur driving!! A 7.


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8 from me.

Apart from liking Monaco, I thought it was a good race with lots of entertainment and tension.

Torn between my FF1 team and the guys I wanted to see do well for all sorts of reasons - let's face it F1 is more important than FF1!


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Exactly my thoughts too mjo. Got very excited on Bianchi thing.

Steady drive by Rosberg and Lewis.

Danny Ric looked off pace to start with but made up for it at the end.

Kimi had another eventful day at Monaco.

Great move by Hulk on KMag.

Great last few laps from JB.

And Adrian Sutil remember he was a race driver for a few laps and then got over excited and threw it off the road.


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I enjoyed it. I liked the battles at the back, I loved Hulks overtake, i loved Kimi's erm 'thing' at the end. Great tense ending. 8 from me.


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Really bored for most of it. Really no chance Lewis could pass Nico and even Dan catching Lewis at the end turned into nothing. But Marrusia scored points. Mclaren did better. And the LH NR war has been fully declared. Nice place, shame about the race track.



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Considering it's Monaco and nothing usually happens other than a procession I was on the edge of my seat for the latter third of the race. Mainly the boys from Yorkshire getting points but a thrilling climax to the race with the usual calamities causing chaos down the order!


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It was rather an exciting race indeed, Hulkenburg shoving it down the inside at Portier was incredible, the Safety Cars caused some doubts, Rosberg showed he could beat Hamilton, we had the gaggles of cars and some actual overtaking.

We had the long awaited first points for Marussia too.

All in all, an unusually high Monaco 8.

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Thoroughly enjoyed that one- combination of some very good and some slightly risible driving, makes for great racing. I give it a 7


I gave the race itself 5 and plus 1 for Marussia scoring points plus another point for the hilarity of Lewis being such a massive baby, so that's a 7 from me, nice one...
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I give it a 7. Some nice overtakes and racing and some points for Marussia. Close at the front for most of the race.

Growing increasingly frustrated with coverage though - the swimming pool chicane camera shows what every shot could look like, yet most of the time we get dull tracking shots where all sensation of speed is lost. Picture in picture or side by side would be a start - someone's girlfriend or a 10% speed shot of someone going over a kerb doesn't deserve the whole screen.

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There was never a chance of Hamilton getting past Rosberg, likewise there was never any chance of Ricciardo getting past Hamilton. There was never any chance of Alonso catching anyone or being caught by anyone. Everyone else was lapped despite Sutil's successful attempt to close the gaps between the drivers.

Massa wasted his time having a long first stint to get him ahead of the two stoppers since no-one who was in front of him stopped more than once. Raikkonen was unlucky, had it been on any other circuit it could have been fun watching him push the rest of the field aside, but no chance of that. Red Bull lost 75% of their drivers through no fault of their own. Vettel's only hope now is that he can win virtually all the races with Ricciardo second and the Mercedes drivers sharing third and fourth places equally. He could then win the WDC in the final race. A rather unlikely scenario.

There was some excitement in what is normally the lower half of the field due to various mishaps, it was good to see Marussia getting points at last. In Canada there will be massive downpours throughout the race, Chilton win finish last but in eighth position.

OK, I'll be generous since it was Monaco, 6.


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I gave it a 7, as it was much more entertaining than the last two have been (partly because of the setting). However, I still find the overwhelming dominance of the Mercedes team to be rather boring.

By the way, does anyone know if there is still such a thing as a blue flag in F1?


I give 9. I simply love when you can't leave your chair for a single lap, because you don't know what might happen in the next one! It was entertaining until very end...
I gave it a 7, as it was much more entertaining than the last two have been (partly because of the setting). However, I still find the overwhelming dominance of the Mercedes team to be rather boring.

By the way, does anyone know if there is still such a thing as a blue flag in F1?

Of course there are. Vettel was shown it after he exited the pits early this race


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5. Pretty much guaranteed that watching Monaco is like watching carpet age. I wouldn't miss it at all if it fell off the F1 Calendar.


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A 7 but I'm harsh on these things...
There was plenty of close racing and proper old school overtaking.
Great to see my 2nd team pick up points... well done Marussia.
Only spoilt by Lewis doing his petulant thing... I'm with Niki, he needs to be a little more professional on that front.
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