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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Although the rain never materialised, there were still some good battles down the field. However, there was very little competition at the front and it was a little dull in the middle. 7.
7 Nice to see a change at the top, but it was still a bit of a procession. But I liked the battle of the Williams and the fact that they were competing against the McLaren's and not the back/back markers.
8, largely in part to the result, but there was some decent action through the field and there wasn't an overabundance of DRS induced overtaking
7, nothing much at the front but there was definitely some good overtaking and defending throughout the field.
An unspectacular 6 from me. I cringed when Rosberg went on his "thanks Malaysia" speech on the podium, but cheered Felipe for not accepting WIFTY - good drives from the Hulk and Kvyat too.
The guy from pole lead off the line, was 3 seconds in the lead after the first lap and then led every lap to the finish.

Meanwhile the midfield argued over the scraps which included the obligatory Hulk/Alonso scrap, An Australian in a Red Bull was on for a good result that didn't happen and there was a bit of an argument over team orders.

This 2014 F1 is light years away from 2013 F1 isn't it? :D

Not exciting but not massively dull.

Only one vote above 8 for a Hamilton win? Think the Vettelesque nature of the win has shown some honest voting.
7. I do like a bit of unpredictability and unreliabilty - reminds me of times gone by - and it's wonderful to see the drivers working for their money.
7 out of 10 from me. Just to be fair this time we have far less buzz from people complaining about the engine sound which is good for once.
Just a reminder that you actually have to submit your vote in the poll for it to count in CTA race of the year, not just comment in the thread - Lewywo4 and possibly others ;)
Maybe we should have a seperate poll for best podium interviewer. Cumberbatch was light years ahead of Alan Jones thats for sure.
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