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2014 German Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Haven't seen it yet due bloody slow internet - only have the radio - so will vote later.
A little slow in the middle but generally a dam fine race. LH great drive through the pack. FA having good scraps with both bulls and Kimi at one point. Bottas taking 2nd. But huge win margin for NR 20.7 seconds and he wasn't trying. Still not bad at all.

Great stuff.

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What a great race. I might be slightly biased as I have a had a few friends down to the Island I haven't seen for years, all F1 Fans two Vettel fans and one Alonso, so beers, F1 and mates does a Sunday get better than that :cheers:

Great racing I thought
Flips, Flames & Fails

Action throughout, only real negative is the issues in qualifying denying us the battle for the lead.

Hopefully we will get to see Hamilton & Rosberg race head to head again soon!
Not enough to 'engage' me for the entire race - possibly distracted by the endless banging next door or the on-line feed that non-Sky subscribers have to resort to.

So will watch the BBC highlights and vote later!
shame there was no race for the lead but otherwise a great race. Part of me pleased there was no safety car towards the end, would have given an artificial race.
9. Even though the race winner was a fore gone conclusion after qualifying, thought the race was one of the best of the season as it had plenty of overtakes and some great wheel to wheel action as well.
8 from me just for Alonso vs Red Bulls alone!

Great bit of defensive driving from Bottas in the last few laps. Put his car in the right spot every time coming out of those corners and didn't get flustered at all. Great to watch.
Having watched the highlights twice and realising that there was an awful lot of racing, I have given it a 9.

Just one more thing to hold against my new neighbours!!
It was a pretty good race, and at least the director spent more time looking at the good battles instead of the foregone conclusion up the front. Hockenheim nearly always gives us a good race (the GP2 races this weekend were cracking spectacles too) - it beggars belief that his Eccleship prefers the ghastly Nurburgring instead.

Had JB hung on to 6th, it would've been better for me, so I give it a 7 as a result.
A seven from me. It was a great race, with lots of racing, but I felt it lacked atmosphere. Or maybe I'm just being very strange.
But it just didn't do it for me.
8 from me.

It was a quite good race, with lot of battles, Kimi getting bitch slapped by a fair amount of drivers and Hamilton and Ricciardo storming through the field.
Having said that last one, gave this race a -1 because the Mercs are to dominant and if you look really close at Hamilton's visor, you can even see him yawn when he did most of his overtake moves.
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