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2014 German Grand Prix Out of Ten

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A 9 from me, I had to wait until late last night to watch the highlights but it was well worth it.

Cracking battles throughout the field - Alonso and Ricciardo in particular but also a cracking drive from the back from Hamilton, reminiscent of his GP2 drive in 2006 at Istanbul, I wish I could have watched the whole race via his onboard!


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An 8 ... rather enjoyed this race ... with Hamilton qually exploding brake disc and Massa's airborne antics that put Chops back in the field with Conan Magnussen ... made for some fun racing ...


Crazy 8. Its always a pleasure to watch an attacking Hamilton. Going side by side with with Kimi into the infield section was just amazing. Ricciardo's fight with Alonso was supreme too. Just lacked that battle for the lead.

Massa appears to have completely lost the plot though.


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Whenever Hamilton is on one of his comeback drives there's bound to be a lot of fascination. A personal highlight was the scrap between Alonso and Ricciardo. 8.


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Gave it a 9 . I was there and it was SO exciting. Loved watching Lewis coming through. Loved lots of battles in this race. For me personally not a 10 because Lewis was deprived the chance to fight for the lead a) by his brake failure and b) by the appallingly dangerous decision to not deploy the safety car when a car spun on track and remained on track.


Great race. I give it a 9. Lots of passing, crashes and drivers who got caught in the back early and had to race their way to the front.
Seeing Hamilton pout was classic too.
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