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2014 Canadian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Going to break my habit of staying away from the extremes (statisticians hate him) and give this one a 10. Uncertainty at the front with Mercs falling over or limping home, Williams up front until it all fell apart and a new winner.

Congratulations Dan!

Going against the grain here but I don't think it was better than Bahrain as a race. It wasn't filled with the fantastic battling and overtaking we had there. It was a thriller but only because of the cars failing. What this season means though, with less reliable cars these shock results should happen more often which can only be better for F1 as a sport!

Congrats to Ricciardo! Couldn't think of a more deserving winner!
A 9 ... what a great race ... thank all get out the Merc's are not bullet proof ... amazing that the car least suited on this track snaffled up the 1st and 3rd ... Massa and Perez ... wow ... Vettel as the jam in the sandwich ... I guess now he has seen how he looked as the (turkey) in 2010 ... :p
Have to be something extra special.for me to give a 10 but this came close. When the battle at the front is so exciting that you look at the finishing order genuinally not knowing who got the lower down positions and that only 11 drivers finished you know its a good one.

It was a great race ideally a ten but...
I have to take a point off due to Rosberg getting away with that chicane cutting and then yet another DNF for Lewis.
I also have to take a point off for Massa loosing valuable points for Williams in a bazzia manuouver.
But seeing Dan get his first win and a non-merc win at that I can give a point back.

So a 9.
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