Poll Out of Ten - 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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A race that promised so much, with rain expected that didn't really materialise. Still some good racing throughout the field though, so a 7.
Decent race. Shame we have to ignore the race winner when measuring the 'fun' though.
Still nice to see mark on the podium in his last race and Seb getting 9 in a row is amazing whether you are a fan or not. Mercs held on to second. Despite a drive through. No rain sssuuuucks. thats right it sucks. Still, good race.

A 7
8 out of 10 for me. I've been far too kind to the recent races but this one was actually decent! Shame the rain didn't come to make the second half of the race more interesting but there was a lot going on in the first half. A good end to what ended up being a pretty dull season.

EDIT: I will let this poll run for around two weeks (~6th-8th December) before tallying up the results and announcing the winner of CTA Race of the Year!
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A 7 from me (which is a good score in my terms) but would have been a big fat zero had I allowed my annoyance with Bottas and the stewards to skew my judgement.
I think you will find Hamberg I have rated all of the races very low this year including the ones where Button has done okayish, this race was better than the rest because of the unknowns i.e nobody had got any knowledge of what the tyres were going to do and drivers actually had to drive the cars for first time this year and there was some proper overtaking for once and not only in the DRS zones and also the stewards actually did their jobs and handed out penalties for infringements during the race and not say "The incident will be investigated after the race." which really pisses me off I also rated it higher because it was the last race of a season I am glad to see the back of, and why the hell am I justifying myself to you....?


Oh and I gave the last race a 10 and Jenson did shit in that one....
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