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2013 Australian Grand Prix out of ten

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Not an amazing race, with the threat of rain only remaining a threat, but it was still good and Kimi winning gave it an extra something :)
The top teams where fighting early on, and with the different strategies it had you guessing which was good.

It lacked midfield battles, the midfield was actually quite anonymous in this race.

However, Alonso and Vettel didn't win (not that I have anything against them, just surprising one of them didn't), and Kimi did, so it's a 7 :).
Great to see Kimi on the top step..:1st:
At one point found myself hoping that Sutil..or Felipe....would win

Tyres...would prefer to see Lewis giving them a bit more wellie...but new team/car
Did someone once say that he couldn't look after his tyres?

More 'Old News' if I hear Martin Brundle say again..'Look at Vettel...and they say he can only win from the front etc..:(
That was a couple of years ago..when Seb came thru..... putting JB out... & knocking bits off several other cars...Leggard was commentating.........

Enjoyed the race today.......... 8
Pretty good race; impressed by Sutil's return and Massa's ongoing renaissance, Kimi has always been good value and, imo, deserved more last season, Ferrari seem to have a decent new car for a change, Red Bull are up there but not dominant, Mercedes look well placed to challenge ....... Seven! :thumbsup:
It's a 7 from me. Bit of a tactical race but pleased with the winner. Listening to Gary Anderson on Radio 5 is brilliant and I like the greater use of team radio this year.
6...Tire management has become too much of a controlling factor imo, in determining the outcome of a race.

Great drive from the Iceman, to a well deserved win.

I doubt very much that we'll hear from the Scuderia this season, " Fernando is faster than you "....good job from Felipe.
I'll give it an 8 just because i'm partial to Kimi. I do hope it's a sign of things to come this season. Nice to see Ferrari with what appears to be a better car than last year and I am a bit surprised at the pace Mercedes showed this weekend.
I give it a 7. As a fan of Kimi, I am thrilled that he is leading the championship. As one who abhors strategic racing, I would prefer that all stop be outlawed, barring mishaps (i.e. puncture) and having everyone racing on equal terms. It's probably my age showing!
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