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Someone asked the other day if the announcement related to Hamilton's move to Mercedes was our busiest day ever.

The answer to that is....no.

Here is a table of the top 10 busiest days in terms of posts.
The recent Hamilton move comes in at number 7.
I'll let everyone else work out what's significant about the other dates, if anything :D

June 12, 2011642
July 29, 2011641
March 25, 2012634
May 29, 2011604
June 24, 2012546
May 13, 2012533
September 28, 2012514
March 17, 2012507
May 12, 2012493
May 28, 2011 & April 15, 2012469
The 28th and 29th May last year were both on. Was that when Ray was on about soft and supersoft tyres?

I miss Ray. He was like the village fool.

Apparently Ray has been banned from the internet completely now and just stops random strangers in the street to tell them how Alonso's tyres were def more worn than anyone elses in the 2011 Monaco GP.

What I used to love about Ray was his complete lack of awareness of his obvious - like when he made up a new ID and tried posting here - like we wouldn't recognise it was him straight away!

I bet the mods were glad he's not been around this season though - The amount of threads on how Alonso has not really been that great this season would have been massive!

I'm surprised the day 606 fell isn't on there to be honest
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