Not the 2021 Belgian GP out of 5

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at popular request, i thought i would do a race rating after the success of 2020 Australian GP LOL

i thought it was modern classic, some great highlights with Verstappen & Russell race long battle for lead or Perez it was a miraculous Drive, to start 3 hours after everyone after a crash on the lap to the grid & yet still finish on the lead lap. no wonder Red Bull are keeping him for 2022. & who saw Adam Peaty overtaking Nikita Mazepin around the outside of pouhon
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The race started poorly, lost its way in the middle and the less said about the end, the better.

I'm disgusted that not one car managed to record a single overtake.

I've always said, Spa has never been the same since they changed the bus stop chicane.
Who won the driver of the day poll today? LOL
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As the drivers were only awarded half points, it's only right that the poll reflects that so I have updated the choices 😆
Technically, under the CTA sporting code, Article, and I quote, "In the event of a post race poll being conducted for a race that was not fully conducted but the poll was posted to the forum following the non conducted race the poll should revert to the last fully completed poll based on the events of the last fully completed grand Prix with each posters scores divided by 2 and then multiplied by 1 over the average number of spanners in a Screwfix starter set plus or minus the square root of the number of drivers in blue overalls"
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