Caption Competition Nico and Lewis Have a Chuckle


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Couldn't resist.

Lewy n Nico.png

... and he said "everyone should have a number two at least once a day."
Lewis: So, Nico! Before I left, I swapped all the wheelnuts in my drawer for the ones in Jenson's.
Nico: You didn't?!
Lewis: I frickin' did!
Nico: Bwwwaaarrrrhhhhh ROFL
Lewis: Raaaaarrgggghhh gaaaaaffffaaaaaawwwww haaaaa haaa ROFL And wait 'til he needs a new rear damper!!!
Nico: Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh. Stop it, you're killing me. ROFL
Lewis "Then I said to Jenson, Sergio likes the car to be 'just right' like you, so won't have any problems nicking his set-up."
Both: "Hahahahahahahah......."
Hamilton: *Gets it out, waves it about, and shouts* “Myyy Dingaling, Myyy Dingaling, I want you to playyyy with myyy Dingaling! YEEHAAW”.
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