Nations' Historical Championship


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I'll just leave this here and invite questions, since its late!

Wow, I actually get it! Using the points scale on the right-hand-side, the final positions in the championship (drivers) for each country are added up. So in 2010, Hamilton and Button (then the top and only 2 British drivers in the field) finished 4th and 5th. So 5 points and 4 points = 9 points.
1950, and his name was Prince Bira - or Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh. His best finish was 4th in the 1950 Swiss Grand Prix & the 1954 French Grand Prix. He scored a career total of 8 points.

I said 2004, but that's because I can't read graphs :D

But thanks :)
Can I just say as well, due to a mistake in the preparation of the spreadsheet (i.e. text format being copied from the row above) the British score should be 499, including the 10 from 1994 and the 6 from 2002.
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