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Well with Casey Stoner claiming his second Moto GP title in 2011. The year will be remembered for the tragic lose of one time 250cc champion Marco Simoncelli.

Now we look forward to what could be a quite brilliant 2012 if Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo can stay fit and challenge Champion Casey Stoner to the title in a new era of the 1000cc. I will also be hoping that Ducati and Hayden and Rossi can be their or there abouts aswell as Lorenzo's teammate Ben Spies.

The Provisional Calendar looks like this for 2012:

Qatar Grand Prix[5] Losail 15 April
Spanish Grand Prix[6] Jerez 29 April
Portuguese Grand Prix[4] Estoril 6 May
French Grand Prix[7] Le Mans 20 May
Catalan Grand Prix[8] Catalunya 3 June
British Grand Prix[9] Silverstone 17 June
Dutch TT[10] Assen 30 June
German Grand Prix[4] TBD 8 July
Italian Grand Prix[11] Mugello 15 July
United States Grand Prix[12] Laguna Seca 29 July
Indianapolis Grand Prix[13] Indianapolis 19 August
Czech Republic Grand Prix[14] Brno 26 August
San Marino Grand Prix[15] Misano Adriatico 16 September
Aragon Grand Prix[16] Motorland Aragón 30 September
Japanese Grand Prix[17] Motegi 14 October
Malaysian Grand Prix[18] Sepang 21 October
Australian Grand Prix[19] Phillip Island 28 October
Valencian Grand Prix[20] Valencia 11 November

With British interested in all three levels of the Moto GP classes. Next season we Brits Cal Crutchlow in the main series with Bradley Smith in Moto 2 and Danny Webb in Moto 3 as it's known now.

So how much are we all looking forward to 2012. Any news or up to date testing can be discussed on this thread aswell as all 18 GPs aswell.
A few observations: I am really glad that there as more bikes this season. I hope they're reasonably competitive. Also, it seems Suzuki are less likely to have 2 bikes next year with Bautista going to Gresini Honda. It will be interesting to see how Dovisioso performs - is he on a factory bike? One more thing, I'm still annoyed that there are 4 GP's in Spain. Moto GP needs to go to new markets - Russia, and back to China and South Africa. Argentina in 2013 is a start.
First bit of news is Alvaro Bautista is to ride for Gresini Honda in 2012 following the death of Simoncelli.
He'll do well on that. He's consistently (especially in the back end of the season) been out-performing the perceived level of the bike. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.
I'm also really looking forward to seeing what the young guy in the Moto 3 class, Maverick something or other, will do this year. He's been touted as the new Rossi and he's been brilliant since he started, considering he's only 16.
But above all, I'm hoping that Ducati can give Rossi a decent bike next year. In fact, I'd love it if the top bikes were all very competitive, Moto Gp has been a bit stale recently in terms of close action, especially when you compare it to the BSB this year!
Looking forward to seeing those saddles filled. Agree with the Vinales comments. Always had time for Hector Barbera but he's struggled really so far in MotoGP. Ducati needs to be a contender in 2012 or I'll be forced to pledge my constructor allegiance to BMW!
2011 has been a great season in 125 and Moto2, i cannot stress enough how much I enjoy these races, and I know I've said it before but the Eurosport commitment to GpRacing is ace, watch it.
I would like to see Randy de Puniet at Suzuki, because I like the blue suzuki and De Puniet!
Hmm... Thats starting too look increasingly unlikey. Suzuki keep holding off, Somesort of buyout by VW isn't helping and Dorna have given them a Deadline of Today! to sort things out.

So will Dovi and Cal be on a factory Yamaha? Or will it it be modified?
Modified?? They have same 1000cc bike thew factory does, but they will get updates later then the factory squad.

Always had time for Hector Barbera but he's struggled really so far in MotoGP.

To be fair He has been on a Duke.....still apears that only 1 man can ride that bike and he's at Honda! Rossi was 1.5 off the pace of the Honda's at the Test. doesn't look so bad if you take them out the equation though.

What im looking forward to, and a lot more then i was before is the CRT's there a few who appeared who wasn't on he entry list and considering they were new bikes, and with riders who, with all due respect, arn't MotoGp quality. It looks more encouraging. The Acid test will be when Edwards and Aspar rider (whom ever they may be) jump on them.
Sorry to Double post, Been catching up on todays F1, damn work getting in the way of pratice LOL but thought id add a few notworthy things.

Rumors suggest that Gresani will run 1 Honda 1000cc bike and a CRT bike for Michele Pirro, It suggests thats the CRT bike will be made by Ten Kate with an engine from Honda CBR. The factory supported and funded bike they had was a personal deal with Marco Simoncelli and The team are struggling to find funding to run 2 Moto spec bikes.
Also its reported Honda have bumped up the price for there privateer bikes.

Paul Bird motorsport will be in MotoGp next season with a CRT bike, although a descison has not been made on which Chassis they will use, they will be using an Aprilia engine. PBM was the team who ran the factory Kawasaki's until they were dropped for 2012, and also the team that had allegedly was found to have illigal substances onboard there trasporters earlier in the year. Although there was no suggestion that they were at fault for it.
They will be running James Ellison who had a tough 2 years in MotoGp on the uncompetitve WCM Blata, and Tech3 Bikes in 05 and 06.

Stefan Bradl looks likely to Move to LCR for 2012. Before the test He was seen with the Honda Management before the Valencia Test and LCR were said to of been impressed by his performance in the Test. It was said that he would stay in Moto2 because he couldn't bring more sponsorship money to the table then he already had. Weathr thats changed or what he already has is now enough is unknown.

Also ive seen on Motomatters that IODA Racing will be in motoGP too, although i cannot find anything anywhere else. This (if true) will be with Danilo Petrucci And with an Aprilla engine. Danilo Petrucci, 21, has raced in the Superstock Catergory and finshed runners up this season.

And also it looks it seems Andrea Iannone is going to stay in Moto2 after being linked with Gresani.

Quite a bit of info here
I tried to join motomatters forum, the rules for the password were too much for me to be arsed with, shame, it looks like a good site.
Pity I'm such a lazy sod.
It's good to see another Brit in motogp next year, and with Bradley Smith to come in 2013, we could have potentially have 3 Brits on the grid.
It looks like Suzuki have made a quiet exit, Shame although i think i perfer that to then the rather lame 1 bike effort they put in fot this season. They have got a 1000cc bike so lets hope they work on it and come back in the future.

De Puniet could be going to Aspar who are moving to CRT bikes, or a Duucati Testing deal. I really hope he is racing in some form next season WSBK Moto2, anywhere.

And Aprilla have tested there RSV4 bike with Bridgestones, data gathering towards build five CRT bikes. A few months ago the MotoGP grid was beginning to look to be even smaller then this season, but now the CRT bikes look like more of an option then at the earlier tests the grid could be what 20-25?

It will be nice to see a full motoGP grid next season.

It's good to see another Brit in motogp next year, and with Bradley Smith to come in 2013, we could have potentially have 3 Brits on the grid.

Yeah something i didn't notice before, James Ellison (to whom i presume your refering too) has said it but not the far as i know. Looking hopeful though, Could see Gino Rea on a gresani Moto2 too. He is no slouch from what little ive seen of him either.
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