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As you're all aware, all forums require moderation (ironically the prime motivation for setting this site up) to enable them to run smoothly.
Currently there is no moderator and as the site is growing that's something I'd like to remedy as soon as possible.

It can be a fairly difficult and thankless task as you will need to be objectively neutral and most moderation decisions will upset at least 1 person so please bear this in mind.

Ideally it will also be someone who is able to log on frequently, possibly occasionally during the day as well as evenings and weekends.
If necessary though, 2 or more members can share the duties between them to ensure there is someone available at most times.

So if you'd like to volunteer yourself or nominate someone you think would be suitable (assuming they are willing), please let me know either by posting here or by sending me a PM.

Love to help Bro, but I don't think I'm the best choice - don't do neutral and am to non-PC. Hoorays all round :)
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