Mid wing aero help required


Hi Guys

I am a newbie to this forum, I have posted this here and on 606 to try to figure out where the technicals guys are nowadays

I'm out of my depth here, help required please?

About 2 years ago Renault and Ferrari started using stub wings on the bodywork in front of the rear view mirrors. now we also have the BMW batwings, Honda "ears" etc.

I think that the reason is to get a downward flow of laminar air off the back of the wings (coanda?) either into the Radiators or onto the sidepods to boost the amount of air flowing over the rear wing.

Here is the hard bit for me............. If the requirement is to project air down off the back then the net force on the car must be upward, i.e. lift.

If this is true then there must be extra wing at the front and back to counteract this lift, then you have two lots of extra drag that you don't want.

These guys are rocket scientists so obviously the advantage is there, so Where have I gone wrong?
since i was interested too, i looked a bit further and found this on the dumbo ears: http://www.f1technical.net/development/75

apparently they could be a safety hazard (blocking the view) and maybe be disallowed by the FIA. i like the comment where it says why don't you ever see something like this on a ferrari or mclaren?
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