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I have finally found a chart that explains it all!! LOL

Apologies if it has been posted before.

Brilliant find Speshal!

The only thing wrong with the chart as far as I see is that Genii have now acquired 100% of Renault F1; Proton/Group Lotus currently have no shares, they are only sponsors.

So until such time as the lawyers say otherwise, we should continue to call the yellow team 'Renault' and the green team 'Lotus'. After all, we don't refer in normal parlance to Mclaren as 'Vodafone' or Williams as 'AT&T', do we?
No, but McLaren and Williams are actually building the cars, aren't they?

This chart has reminded me of one thing though, I'm halfway to calling the buggers Toleman! Or maybe the Team That Cheated In Singapore!
Ah yes, but because the constructor that was Renault has been 100% bought out by Genii, that still doesn't mean we should call them by the name of one of their sponsors just because those sponsors also happen to make [road] cars. Another car manufacturer, Lada, are also sponsors of the team but we don't call them Lada. The yellow team's official 2011 entry was filed as Renault F1.

NIce diagram

I would not credit any lada with a speed over 50mph, unless in free-fall from 10 000ft where i can believe it would get over 100mph before smashing into the ground...

No one suggested Genii, they are the team...

or (with melody and rhythm) - Black and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and Gold...
None of these 2 are the real Team Lotus.
The old Lotus fans feel insulted, while newer people simply don't care.

In order:


rightly so.

rightly so - they just want the horrible mess to go away, but there are two massive Asian ego's in the way.
I would not credit any lada with a speed over 50mph, unless in free-fall from 10 000ft where i can believe it would get over 100mph before smashing into the ground...

Hmmm, had to check that one out...

Yeah ok FB
This is what 1/4 mile lovers call a sleeper (apart from the vast intercooler and plumbing not being particularly covert) and all the credit goes to the builder, not the Lada please

This is what us grass roots competitors love to do, blow the doors off Ferrari's with the common man cars... come to the Pod for RWYB this season...
The Goup Lotus v Team Lotus court case will now be before the first race of this season.
It starts on Monday 21st of this month.
Ha ha ha ha! One upon a time I had an old Rover V8 sat in my garage and I was trying to think of something to do with it. The co-owner wanted to detune it and plumb it into his Land Rover 90. I wanted to buy a Lada Riva and scare the turds out of the local chavs...

Sadly, we ran out of spare time and ended up selling it to a guy converting an MGB, but it would have been awesome, nice to see someone actually having a go!

It has emerged that Tony Fernandes, the team principal of Team Lotus, is locked in a bitter dispute with supposed ally David Hunt, brother of former world champion James Hunt and the man who bought the Team Lotus name from the administrator when the outfit was wound up in 1994.

The dispute centres around Hunt’s claims that Fernandes has gone back on an agreement the pair struck in January over payment for the Team Lotus name.

The revelation will surprise fans who were under the impression that Fernandes had already paid for the marque. It will also surprise those who believed that he and Hunt enjoyed a cosy relationship. Fernandes told his Twitter followers in January that Hunt was “the most honourable man” in the whole Lotus v Lotus battle
Their relationship has now been exposed as decidedly fractious with Fernandes having allegedly instructed his lawyers to sue Hunt for defamation in the past week.
Hunt is currently refusing to assist Team Lotus in court, despite having agreed to do so in January. He is also claiming that he has seen “potentially some serious holes” in their case.
I must admit, I have always been on Fernandes' side in the dispute with Proton. Now I'm not sure what to think, as Fernandes and Hunt each seem to be claiming that the other is trying to renegotiate the terms of their deal.

I can't help feeling that Team Lotus (the original formed by Colin Chapman and really the only true Team Lotus) should be allowed to Rest In Peace.

In short, I agree with Grizzly.
I think Group Lotus should be the only one allowed to use the Lotus name in F1. Team Lotus was dead a long time ago.

And I would also be proud to support Lotus-Renault if Lotus engineers start playing a more active role. Lotus as a car company is on the p, and I think their golden years are ahead not behind.
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