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Lewis is really getting himself tied in knots over environmental issues lately.

He loves Formula E because it sustainable and wants to be involved behind the scenes but not race in it because it's not the pinnicale even though its the future. He understands F1 damages the environment but he is promoting a sustainable fashion label (made by kids in sweatshops in China).

I admire the fact he feels he should talk about the issue but he seems very confused.


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i struggle to give a ****.
i'm currently ok, by the way, i hope that makes everybody else relieved.
I was going to say its nice to be relieved by you but perhaps not eh?


Last night, one of my favourite musicians did a live stream on insta from his front room for an hour, playing tunes on his acoustic guitar and chatting. There were about 800 people logged into the stream. He took requests. Read questions etc. To be honest, it was fecking brilliant and put a smile on an otherwise shite day. At no point did he say "just to let you know I'm OK"


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Imagine no possessions....

Well not us obviously but I'm pretty sure many of you can.



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i fully admit i could never ever know what it feels like. ive only had witnessed it once in person. i was at a fa cup game & my aunties partner was using racial terms towards a opposition player because he didnt like him because of the court case involving 1 of sheff utd players & that was very uncomfortable, thank goodness we won otherwise we wouldve had an Eric Dier on our hands & i shouldve said something.

there is without doubt something going on in america whether it is ingrained or made worse by having :censored: in the white house. there is something there & maybe since martin luther king, racial segregation usa have progressed anywhere near we thought or expected. & hearing Clara Amfo on radio 1 talk about this absolutely broke my heart

but (this is my feeling on this) i felt awkward with Lewis Hamilton publicly guilttripping Riccardo Leclerc & Norris into putting these things on. this is a huge issue but thats just felt awkward how it played out. & 1 of my pet hates more on birthdays. when telling them in person isnt enough anymore is now that some people feel every opinion must be shared & you cant not have an secret opinion. because for me it goes without saying that what happening its horrific but its not my place because i dont know enough do it correctly & im not doing it a bit of knowledge

but i do hope that some of this will help people see sense because while ever farage & trump are relivant we need this. so hopefully this time the people who protest will vote. unlike with brexit when vast majority of people who were on these marches when didnt vote. if all Americans who protested this voted in the election like they did with Obama in 08. trump would be out in landslide
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Whether Lewis was right or not to rat out his peers . This is something very personal to him and brings him back to his early days in getting into F1 and notably in karting when the spoilt rich kids would seriously racially abuse him that he had no right to be racing because of his colour.

Aside from that Trump has done nothing great for America other than show what a real jerk he is.
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